Why is the grey blending hair color technique in trend?

Donning your hair with grey blending has now become identical with praising yourself and your natural beauty. It’s a better option for getting a younger look without going artificial. There is nothing wrong if you want to embrace your natural beauty along with looking young and dynamic. Grey hair might be trending these days, but it doesn’t suits everybody. People nowadays are going for grey blending hair color technique instead of completely dyeing the hair to get a subtle look along with the retention of the natural shade of the hair.

Retains the natural look of the hair

Grey blending is an advanced hair color technique which uses a washable dye and camouflages grey hair, thus giving a varied shade of grey color, without disturbing the natural color of your hair much. While the dye gives unnatural color to your hair the grey blending technique retains the natural look of the hair and provides a younger look.

Quick and easy Process

The grey blending hair color technique makes use of a washable dye and the entire process is quick and easy and takes around 30-40 minutes only.  However the time needed for the entire process depends on what kind of look you wish to have.

Complete Coverage and Partial Coverage

If you wish to cover your grey hair completely, you should go for complete coverage. It takes about 20-30 minutes and completely covers the grey hair. It is ideal for those men who hair greys prematurely. The coverage starts fading gradually and it can be redone once the grey hairs become visible again.

Partial Coverage is ideal for those who want to get that salt and pepper look but also want to look young and dynamic. The process of partial coverageprobably requires lesser time, say about 10-15 minutes. The hairdresser makes use of washable dye to camouflage the white hair with it. The dye washes our evenly after each wash so it can be redone, whenever you feel like.

Lesser chances of allergy

Most people might be allergic to the regular dyes which provide unnatural look to the grey hair, but in the Grey Blending technique use of a washable dye is done which haven’t reported any allergies as of now.

Affordable Service

It is a technique which can be afforded by everyone. It is pocket friendly, less time consuming and gentle on every skin type. Moreover it provides you the customized look as per your requirements.

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