Tips On How To Cleanse And Clear Your Crystals

Before you buy crystals, you have to make sure that you know full well what effects you’re going to get from these crystals. Are you going to get something that absorbs the energy in the room or will you be buying something that attracts similar energy but doesn’t absorb it? It’s important that you use the right strategy when cleansing and clearing your crystals as well.

Depending on what your intent is with your crystals, you’re going to have to set a schedule on when to cleanse it. Do you believe that you are using its powers more often than not? Then maybe it should be time for you to cleanse it more often. There are times that you may feel that the metaphysical properties of your crystals no longer have an effect, you have to clear them.

Pollution of a Blocking Crystal

Just like with anything, your crystal will be polluted with the same energy that you are trying to avoid and block. You may notice that your crystal is no longer in the shape that it was once when it was working effectively. During this time, you may even notice that negative energy is starting to flow all around you again.

When your blocking crystal has become polluted, you should know to what extent. Are you going to have to buy crystals or is it still possible to get it back in top condition? There are ways that you can cleanse and clear your crystals. You can cleanse it from the energy that you get from the moon or the sun as you run water on it.

For worse conditions, you should look to cleanse and clear it with salt and smoke. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even use essential oils to cleanse the crystal. You’ll notice that you are getting the effects that you used to get again. If you are still having a tough time getting the effect that you desire from your crystal, consider buying a new one. It may have simply run its course.

Positive Energy Magnet Crystal

A crystal that you use to attract positive energy and physical properties shouldn’t be cleansed. Instead, you should just clear it. Physically cleaning the crystal may be a good idea as long as you don’t damage it. Preserving the raw state of your crystal ensures that you get the effects that you are looking for.

Your positive energy magnet crystal can be cleared by running clean water on it. This ensures that the edges are maintained and that the surface doesn’t get all cloudy due to the surface dirt and dust buildup. While getting the positive energy around you back, you are also going to have a crystal that looks like it’s in prime condition.

Ensuring that you keep your crystal in top condition prevents you from being the recipient of an effect that you are not expecting. It’s just like having a good tool in your possession and making sure it is always well-oiled so it is ready whenever you have to use it to fix something.
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