Valentine’s Day is approaching, a time full of magic, lights, gifts and love. Holidays are perfect opportunities to have details with the people we love the most, be it our partners, our children, our parents or our friends, where any detail that means having remembered that person and having invested time in their gift is a symbol of sweetie.

Buying something more expensive does not mean that it is more special, and at Jechic, they give importance to gifts that excite, designed and made especially for that person to whom you want to show how important they are to you, is there more detail than that?

Here we leave you the top gifts that you can make this Valentine’s Day, where they are not only jewels to wear as an accessory, but they also hide a meaning behind that makes them unique.

Custom jewelry, are a perfect way to always carry something or someone with you. 

A photo of the two of you, or of someone who is special to that person to whom you are giving is a precious gesture, where every time you see it, it will bring a beautiful memory to mind. The photo of your child, your partner, the initial of a special city that you have visited together … these are some of our favorite examples with which to give something useful as well as exciting: 


There are symbols that hide very important and positive meanings, where one of the most popular examples is “the tree of life“, which represents our own existence. The fact of being able to put the name of the important people to you in such an emblematic symbol gives even more value and meaning to that gift.


If the person you love loves to be fashionable, giving her one of the trend jewels is also a great option. Name necklace with colored stones have been a bombshell in 2019, a fashion that was already worn in the 2000s but has marked a revival that has been going strong. This necklace with quality stones at an affordable price will make you look great and that person will be delighted to wear this trendy necklace .


Another trend this year has undoubtedly been coin pendants, a fine and versatile option that can be combined with other necklaces and with which to create original outfits that are perfect for everyday use.