The best Nail Polish Options You Can Go for

These “two-color nail polish” do not have much complication since the shine and pigments of different colors are integrated into the polish itself, so you only have to apply a thick layer of polish on your nail and let it dry.

Where to buy holographic enamels

If you want to obtain a more metallic result, you can apply a last layer of top coat. Once dry, if you gently turn your hand you will see how the color of the enamel changes as the light reflects. It is like a game of colors of the same hue.

Where to buy a holographic nail polish

This type of holographic nail polish is not difficult to find in beauty stores. They are usually called Holographic 3D and it is clearly seen in addition to its high concentration of reflective gloss, that its texture is more compact and thicker than that of normal enamels.

One of the cosmetic brands that has the widest range of colors for these holographic enamels is  China Glaze , with 12 different shades. Within the Chinese market, the Yes love brand that you can find in any bazaar also offers this type of enamels.

Now that you know what holographic polish is and how to use it , you just have to get one of these polishes and show your nails. We would love to see your result

Exclusive, striking and different, if you have felt identified this is your type of enamel, holographic is called. Learn how to make a holographic nail polish and how to use it. Stay and we explain the professional tricks.

What is a Holographic Enamel?

Holographic polish, also known as 3D polish, are polishes that change color, with an effect characterized by an infinite shine with diamond particles that, when moving the nails, take on an infinite number of colors and shades similar to the rainbow.

It is a full-blown show, you will not be able to stop looking at the beautiful effect it makes on the nails. It is also known as the diamond effect because it varies according to the intensity of the light and the amount that we put.

It has a similarity to glitter nails or nails with a glitter finish, but it differs from the rest by the texture. Thanks to the homogeneous texture that characterizes it, it achieves perfect and intense finishes , full of gloss particles perfectly integrated into the enamel .

Types of Holographic Enamels

Within the range of 3d enamel we find different types of enamelling and drying. We explain the difference between them and their characteristics.

Permanent Holographic Enamels: Durable, resistant and with infinite shine,dried by ultraviolet light, with a lamp. You will enjoy a holographic manicure for weeks.

Semi-permanent Holographic Enamels: With much more shine and durability than the traditional one, and with a gel effect finish that will make you fall in love. It’s easy to conveniently remove at home.

Traditional or classic Holographic Enamels: The enamel of a lifetime. Depending on which top you buy, you will enjoy more shine and durability, but waiting for it to dry does not save you.