PRP for hair growth: Check this quick overview!

PRP is the short for Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP therapy involves taking blood from the body of a person and placing it in a centrifuge to separate the components of the blood. The Platelet Rich Plasma is then injected directly into the site of concern for varied benefits. PRP therapy has been used for joint pain, skin rejuvenation, and also for hair growth. If you are in Montreal, check with Clinique Anti Aging hair PRP to know more on the procedure. In this post, we are sharing more on the basics of PRP for hair growth. 

The procedure

In case of PRP Hair Restoration, the basic plasma extraction process remains the same. The PRP is injected into the scalp, and because of the growth factors present in the PRP, the regeneration of hair follicles is triggered. PRP Hair Restoration is particularly useful in the early stages of baldness. Please note that PRP cannot stimulate the growth of a nonexistent hair follicle. Many clinics actually recommend a mix of both laser treatments and PRP Hair Restoration for best results. 

Sessions, maintenance and more

If you want to consider PRP Hair Restoration, remember that just one injection or session is not enough. Even when laser treatments are being used in conjunction, it can take around three to four sessions of PRP to see desired results. There is usually a gap of four to six weeks between these sessions. For retaining the results, maintenance sessions are usually required, although not as frequently. A combination of laser and PRP is recommended every three to four months, to keep up the results.

Benefits at a glance

The popularity of PRP Hair Restoration has increased manifold in the last few years and for two reasons. Firstly, since the PRP comes from the patient, there are no unwanted side effects and it is safe for both men and women alike. Secondly, the results from PRP Hair Restoration are more permanent when combined with maintenance sessions, as long as the cause of hair loss is not genetics. 

Finding a clinic

There are many known clinics in Montreal that specialize in PRP Hair Restoration, and you can expect their experts and doctors to explain everything about the treatment. They will also guide on what to expect in terms of results and how the results can be retained for longer. Check online for a reliable clinic, and ask for consultation.