Impact of social media apps on today’s generation

The world of social media has rightly taken over, everything. Apps like facebook, instagram and snapchat have become ingrained in the lives of countless individuals. Some people begin their day by posting something on these platforms instead of sitting and having a cup of tea/coffee. The use of social media has particularly increased in the last decade, and is increasing day by day. Online photo sharing has become extremely popular amongst the youth. Social media which was previously used as a source of entertainment has now become a necessity. If you don’t understand social media or if you aren’t present on any of these platforms you are considered to be socially backward. Well, as it is said every coin has two sides, this too has its own pros and cons. However, the impact of social media cannot be ignored.

Previously people clicked pictures because they wanted to save the moment, and treasure it for the rest of their lives. Photos and videos were captured so that later on they could become a sweet trip down the memory lane. However, since the introduction of social media, this scenario has changed completely. Now people click pictures for the sole purpose of  the gram. For eg: Camera, whose previous job was only to click pictures, now is used to define a person’s whole life on social media platforms.  The kind of pictures and videos that you share become your identity on the web. Every picture that you upload has to be perfect and stunning. B612 is a photo app which has various options and tools to help you get the perfect picture to post. It’s amazing filters and stickers will enhance the overall aesthetics of your photo.

Another big change that social media has brought is the way people consume news these days. Social media has become really fundamental to the way that billions of people get information about the world and connect with each other on a daily basis. The major reason for this is the adaptive and fast pacing nature of social media. Even the smallest update of every corner in the world is available at your fingertips. Also social media makes the exchange of information more engaging. Live discussion and live updates is what attracts the users the most.

Virtual worlds and gaming have become a major part of the sector, too. Artists can build their own following online and breakthrough that way. Social media has definitely attracted more fame and attraction from its users.

As quickly as social media has insinuated itself into politics, the workplace and everywhere else it continues to evolve at lightning speed, making it tricky to predict which way it will morph next.