How to upscale your ecommerce fashion business

Fashion is a major industry and online fashion is particularly on the rise. This is especially true with the closure of bricks and mortar shops due to lockdown restrictions. If you want to make the best use of ecommerce opportunities for your fashion business, you may be looking to upscale

Many big name fashion brands were initially slow to adapt to the ecommerce world, but it is increasingly important to give customers the best possible online experience.


Branding can mean a recognisable logo and iconic colour scheme, but it is also the story behind your business. A mission statement and a history can help customers engage with your brand and make them want to keep coming back. You may buy domain names from a site such as, but you need something behind that name.

Onsite engagement

Customer engagement is partly dependent on the features of your website. Is it clearly laid out with easy to follow links? Does it have interactive features? Is there a livechat so they can easily contact you with questions or problems? Avoid cluttering pages and make sure it works on mobile as well as on desktop.

Limited stock

High end fashion stores tend to prefer a few striking displays than overwhelming the customer with all the available products. Create interest and engagement by limiting supplies and encouraging customers to compete for the few items available.

Expand your reach

A strong social media presence and effective ad campaign will ensure you attract the maximum number of customers to your site. If you are aiming for international reach, you will also need to make sure sizing charts and shipping information are available for customers all around the world.

New tools

Keep abreast of the constant new technological inventions that may make running your site easier and do not be afraid to employ new tools, especially once your store starts growing. It is easy to handle everything manually by yourself when you only have a few customers, but the likes of Mailchimp and HubSpot, as well as SEO tools, can make things a lot easier in the long run. Automation can be part of this.


You need to know whether your site design is successful and your customers are happy, which means incorporating assessment tools to measure customer satisfaction. This could include ratings, reviews and surveys.