How to Dye a Human Hair Wig

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Have you just received your human hair wig in the mail and you don’t seem to like the color? Or you may be wanted to experiment a different hair color on your old Human Hair Wig. Well, whatever the case might be, today I will be showing you how to dye a human hair wig without damaging it.

Before we start, I want to get one thing out there. The best way to learn something is to learn from mistakes. I have made a lot of mistakes ruining many of my wigs, and I hope that you can learn from my mistakes in this post. But if for whatever reason you end up damaging your wig, you can get the best human hair lace wigs online.

First of all, you will need to take the size of the wig into consideration. And how much of the hair you want to color. The last thing you want to happen is the dye running out while you only have half of the wig in color. That would be bad. Also make sure that you get some gloves and a fine comb. You will be needing it.

Put a bunch of plastic bags on the floor and then lay the wig on top of the plastic bags. Now take your hair brush and run it through the wig to remove any major tangles.

Now take your hair dye bottles and start squeezing it on the part of wig you want colored. And when you have some hair dye on the hair, comb it through and make sure that the color goes through the hair and cover the are you want to color.

Feel free to introduce multiple shades and giving them a fade using the comb. Don’t worry if you mess up, you can do the same mistake on the other side and it will look like a design.

Wrap the wig in a plastic bag and leave it for a few hours. Let the color soke into the hair. And then simple wash it with warm water. If the lace has picked the hair dye color, you can use bleach to remove those stains.