How to apply for eyelash extensions in 8 simple steps

The application of eyelash extensions is not everyone’s cup of tea and requires immense patience. Usually, professionals are approached for the ease of the process. The below-mentioned steps can aid in the know-how.

1. Prepping the natural lashes

Eyelash extensions are attached to the existing eyelashes with an adhesive. Firstly, the natural lashes are cleaned out properly with a makeup remover(non-alcoholic), ensuring no makeup residue or grime is left behind.

2. Usage of adhesion pads

The eyelash extension kit usually comes with a white coloured gel pad. The pad is then placed under the lower eyelashes. It helps in protecting the skin from the adhesive while it’s applied to the upper eyelashes. Moreover, a boundary gets created for an easy application.

3. Selection of the proper length

The extensions come in bundles of 8-9 individual lashes varying in lengths. Longer lashes are selected to be applied first. Following this, medium to short length eyelashes is used.

4. Placing the first extension

A pair of tweezers is thoroughly cleaned to avoid any contamination. An extension is picked up with the utmost care and placed on the natural lash after dipping it in adhesive.

5. Application of the adhesive

It is ensured that the glue only touches the lash and not the skin as it can cause irritation. The adhesive should be given 60 seconds to set in after which the next pair of synthetic lashes are applied.

6. Placing the medium-length extensions

The process gets repeated for the centre of the eyelid working from the outer edge towards the inner eyelid.

7. Application of the shortest extensions

The shorter extensions are used to fill in empty spaces and placed towards the inner corner of the eye.

8. Final setting time

Freshly applied extensions should be given at least 12-24 hours to set completely. No makeup or oil should be applied. Further, when used correctly, the extensions usually last for an entire growth cycle of 6-8 weeks.