Her Jewelry: The Best Type Metal For Her Necklace

When planning to buy your jewelry, it is important to know what kind of metal and materials the jewelry is made out of. In this way, it can be helpful to your health and of course, style. Looking for the perfect necklace for you or your loved ones is not just about the outer appearance, you need to consider a lot of factors like which is the right metal for your jewelry.


This is the most durable type of metal for necklaces. This is lightweight, has high scratch resistance, and flexible when it comes to applying colors.

This is very ideal for people especially who have sensitive skin because this is hypoallergenic.


There are a lot more types of metals for necklaces where you can choose from. You can try to research about it or read more on this infographic. But if you want to look closely and check it personally, it won’t be that difficult. You just need to find a reliable supplier or reputable jewelry company just like Adeva.

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