Getting Ready For A Weekend AT The Beach

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Summer season comes with a lot of fun things to do, and one of the common activity many people love to do during this hot season is to visit the beach. Many people will be seen going to work with duffle bags on Friday, fully equipped with everything they need for a weekend at the beach. Whether you decide to go to the beach alone, as a group or with family members, there are some important items that you need to carry with you. When visiting the beach, the first thing you will notice people having are custom flip flops. Actually, when preparing for a weekend at the beach you don’t need to pack a big suitcase since you won’t be bringing a lot of things. The mistake most people make is packing the wrong wardrobe for the beach, and this totally interferes with your weekend routine at the beach.

In this article, we want to give you a few tips that will make you the beach queen the next time you are going to the beach. The below fashion and style guide for beach wear is very simple and covers the most basic items a lady needs to bring to the beach for a weekend. The guide will give a chance to rock crazy Vogue magazine looks without spending a fortune. The good thing about having the perfect beachwear is that you can rock it on any beach, be it in Hawaii, Bahamas or Florida…

So what are the essentials that need to be in your duffle bag?

  • Beach Hat

If you are not a fan of hats, then you will have to compromise and get yourself a beach hat. This is a must-have accessory when going to the beach, it should be wide enough to protect yourself from the harsh sun rays and the color needs to be neutral so that it can easily blend with most of your clothing at the beach. Beach hat come in plenty of designs and style, pick the one that suits you perfectly and fits nicely and cannot be easily blown away by the wind.

  • Sunglasses

The next must-have item in your beachwear bucket list is a pair of sunglasses. Just like the hat, sunglasses protect your eyes from the harsh sunlight. Most people suffer eye damage when they don’t wear proper sunglasses when going to the beach. Sunglasses are not like reading glasses, therefore you need to very stylish when picking them. If you have a 60s nostalgia then you can go for the frames that are retro white inspired. The frames you pick should be fun and will look good in your beach pictures.

  • Denim shorts

Having a pair of shorts as part of your wardrobe when going to the beach will prove to be useful when you want to go for a night party at the beach. If you are the conservative type then having a pair of shorts might be more comfortable than rocking a sexy bikini to the beach. Also, denim shorts can be easily worn on top of your bathing suit and take a walk in the nearby town. It’s a simple and casual work that offers plenty of versatility.

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  • A cheeky t-shirt

One of the fashion rules of the beach is that you are not allowed to bring a boring t-shirt to the beach. When packing a beach t-shirt make sure it’s cheeky, a little cropped and vibrant enough to put you in the holiday mood. The material should also be very light and comfortable on your skin, avoid the dark colors if you will be wearing your tees during the day.  

  • Sandals

The only footwear that can survive the beach is the flip-flops. If you happen to have a reliable pair of custom flip flops then you can carry them. One pair can be able to sustain you for the whole weekend. When it comes to flip flops there are endless options, therefore, you should focus more on comfortability beyond anything else.  After that, you can consider other factors like style, color, and design used on the flip-flops.

  • Leggings

If you are a sporty lady then carrying a pair of leggings will be helpful when you want to go for that early morning run. Leggings are also more comfortable when working out. You can decide to get leggings that are beach themed and have amazing pictures.

  • Sports bra

When packing your leggings for your sports activities you must remember to include a few pairs of your sports bras depending on how frequent you will be engaging in sports at the beach. Sports bars will make sure you stay cool, comfortable and cheek at all time in the beach.

  • Bikini

You have been working hard to have that perfect summer body and the best way to flaunt it is by getting yourself a pair of sexy bikini. Bikinis happen to be one of the most loved clothing while on the beach. They come in a variety of designs and colors. It’s important when picking a bikini you try it out first before buying, if you are comfortable with it in private then you can wear it at the beach. Also if you are avoiding getting tans then you can combine your bikinis with a floral and light top.

  • Summer dresses

The beach dresses are a little different than the normal dresses you wear during summer. Most ladies spend time at the beach with their swimming outfits, therefore they need a dress they can easily wear over of their swimsuit and get going. Since it’s a weekend getaway just pack two dresses that have different designs and cut.

  • Kimono Cover

Last but not least on our list is a kimono. Look for a kimono that has a cover-up design. They are very comfortable and easy to wear in different styles. When buying a cover-up kimono, look for one that is high quality, even if it’s expensive it will be a worthwhile investment in the long run. It can be worn on a chilly night at the beach when hanging out with friends.