French Shirt

The French shirt has a different collar than the Italian one. In fact, it does not easily match the tie. Thus, the French shirt lends itself well to the younger, everyday look. Shirts with Italian collars are more suitable for more formal environments, where a dress code is to have.

How to find this type of collar? Just look at how the tips of the shirt are folded. If they are closer to the shoulders, then they are French collars. If the collar is narrower and carried forward, then it is in Italian style. Compared to more traditional models, the French shirt are in many different colors.

When you think about a shirt, the colors that you can mind could be: white, blue, or squared patterns. For the materials, you think about cotton or flannel. French shirts go much further. In fact, there are so many fabric available. So, you can wear the perfect shirt even if you have a sporty and dynamic look.

Even the colours become more sporty and dynamic. So, you can find shirts from the best brands in one colour (burgundy, denim, etc.), or with attractive new textures. Instead of stripes, French shirts can be found with seasonal patterns (winter, summer, etc.), or with geometric or arabesque patterns according to taste.

For a perfect look, seek for something to match. If the shirt is relevant, with bright colors, match it with something light or black, to get a fantastic effect! The patterns and textures are really sophisticated and unique. The secret is to be confident on every opportunity, most of all at the events that matter.

To be proud of yourself, choose a model that really embodies you. Follow your impulse when choosing your new French shirt. It will be the one to guide you and to become choice, taste, harmony and therefore look for not to go unnoticed. The other secret to your success is the brand. Choose the big brands for your shirts.

So, you can trust in shirts that do not tear, and they are of high quality, with unique fabrics. Even more, the brand guarantees you high reliability and a style that only the best can show. The French luxury shirt is the best choice for semi-formal events, to show your masculine charm without get out from dress code.

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