Finding 8 High Quality Sportswear Manufacturers in Australia: What are they and which to choose?

If you have a Shopify sportswear eCommerce site and are looking for high quality Australian sportswear manufacturers, here are they. We have collected 8 sportswear manufacturers of Australia in this article, you can check them one by one and find the manufacturer that suits you most. For those of you who want a find a small run sportswear manufacturer or a private label activewear manufacturer, the first site is the best

8 High-Quality Sportswear Manufacturers for Australian Sportswear Ecommerce Sites

It’s the only one here not shipping from or making from Australia. But I have to mention it here because Berunwear is the original clothing manufacturer of those below Australian sportswear suppliers. Not for all, but many of them are wholesaling from the Chinese sports clothing factory-Berunwear.

Berunwear is a sportswear factory, a manufacturer, and a wholesale supplier. The company is specialized in sportswear customization, fabrics sourcing, activewear manufacturing, private label designing, and overseas shipping. It’s your one-station-shop to get unique, stylish, comfortable, and cheap sportswear in bulk.

Working with, you only need to offer a design concept or a picture, then check the quality of samples they send to you, then wait for the wholesale order, that’s all, they will handle all of the other things for you, from choosing suitable fabrics and materials suppliers, producing samples and bulk sportswear, inspecting each item quality to shipping orders out by a reliable carrier. Choose Berunwear as your sportswear supplier, you will have no worry!

Plus, Berunwear is the original sportswear manufacturer with over 15 years’ history, it can support the lowest minimum order quantity=30 pieces, and have the fastest turnaround=3 to 5 days. Its factory has multiple scale production lines, fits for small and large orders. Its staff is experienced and efficient, its machinery is using the latest technology. Sublimation Dye, 3D Digital printing, and all types of sports fabrics are available in the Berunwear factory.

Berunwear also helps clients to build brands, they are one of the private label activewear manufacturers. It means they can custom-made and produce unique labels and hangtags for your sports apparel, they have unbranded clothing, you can choose to print or sew your brand or logo to the clothing, after that it can be your own brand sportswear!

More importantly, Berunwear is a lower-cost sportswear manufacturer to choose from in AU, because it manufactures sports clothing all by itself, the price is the factory original price, rather than buying from “middlemen”, purchase from the origin will be much cheaper and more reliable. The only problem is the overseas shipping, but do not worry, global transportation is developed very well in China, from CN to AU via airway, it can be just 2 to 4 business days. So it shouldn’t be your trouble too in 2021.

Their products: Sportswear, Activewear, Teamwear, Sports Uniforms, Face Masks, Neck Gaiters and so on

EVO Sportswear is an end-to-end custom teamwear and custom team sports apparel brand that specializes and delivers a complete functional solution for your team, club, school, corporate event or gym.

From design to custom sports uniform manufacturing. EVO’s advantages, service levels, and production infrastructure are far advanced over our competition within the industry that outsources their orders to third-party factories thus not having complete control of your order. EVO is passionate and committed to delivering excellence, providing a true “high performance” experience that we will exceed your expectations.

Their products: Teamwear and Sports Uniforms and Accessories

AM Sportswear is a new Australian brand, it has been producing high quality and innovative on and off-field sportswear to some of Australia’s leading sportswear brands for many years. As a customer, you are able to come to our showroom and work with our Australian sales and design team in person. When you become a customer, you can track your order and get up to date progress reports from our office in Melbourne.

Their products: Teamwear and Sports Uniforms

Sherwood Sportswear is an Australian owned and operated custom sportswear manufacturer. Established in the Melbourne suburb of Yarraville by the Spicer family in 1930, Sherwood has been provided sporting clubs and the like with quality uniforms, custom jerseys, netball dresses, and more for many years.

In addition to providing sporting clubs and groups with sophisticated sportswear at a high and durable quality, Sherwood Sportswear is the first choice for an array of clients. AFL Victoria, the Eastern Football Netball League, and Western Region Football League are just some of the impressive clients they represent. Providing an opportunity to customize your own sportswear, they’re a trusted manufacturer for everything from custom jerseys and netball dresses to hockey gear and much more.

Their products: Team Sports Uniforms

As a supplier of custom-made sportswear, OnTrack Sportswear is here to help schools, associations and teams look great, unite through sport, and take pride in their performance. Sports uniforms by OnTrack Sportswear positively distinguish schools, associations, teams, and their members, ensuring that participants always look and feel their best.

They offer a range of materials and patterns to suit a wide variety of sports – from AFL and Rugby to Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Netball, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, and more.

Their products: On-field sportswear, Off-field team uniforms, Team Essentials, and Headwear

Limited Edition Sportswear (LE) is an Australian owned and operated company established in 2008. Branded by innovation through technology to manufacture clothing to the highest excellence. LE chooses to use high-performance fabrics that allow athletes to perform at their best. They integrate function and fashion to create garments that look great, feel fantastic, and suit the sport of which it is intended. The influence of technology in the designing and printing processes guarantees accuracy, essential in the manufacturing of goods which assures quality and efficiency.

Whether you are involved in recreational sport at a community level or high-performance sport at state, national or international level, LE has a proven track record of designing and manufacturing superior quality products at very competitive prices. LE caters for the requirements of the sporting, school, and corporate sectors where performance and price is everything.

Their products: Teamwear

If you’re looking to get customized sports uniforms made for your club in Melbourne, look no further than Belboa Sports. Their extensive range of products is manufactured using high-grade raw materials, using the latest machinery to design and develop a whole gamut of premium sportswear for teams across Melbourne. Their products are in constant heavy demand throughout the market for their smooth finishing and design, as well as comfort and affordability.

Their products: On-field sportswear, Off-field team uniforms, School uniforms, and Sports goods

REGAL is a manufacturer of quality sportswear catering for many different sporting codes. They design, cut, sublimate, and sew their own garments. They are a proud Australian manufacturer and still maintain production here in Australia. Being based in Brisbane, they are able to deliver high quality, well-priced garments with unrivaled turnaround times.

It offers in-house design, specialized customer service people who understand your sport, and production people that know the importance of on-time delivery. REGAL also has the ability to decorate garments with quality screen-printing and embroidery.

Their products: Teamwear and Kidswear

Which Australian Sportswear Manufacturers to choose for Sportswear Shopify sites?

It depends on your own requirement, your wanted clothing style, your order quantity, your budget, and your order deadline. No matter you choose any Australian sportswear manufacturer, remember to check their MOQ, Turnaround Time, Company Certification, and Clothing Samples. To pick up a good sportswear manufacturer is not easy, so wish our list here can be your help. If you still have many more questions, email [email protected], we will answer patiently.

Berunware is still a good choice for Shopify sportswear eCommerce sites’ owners, though it’s not shipping from AU, it’s offering you the high sportswear quality and stylish activewear clothing within your budget.