Distinctive Men Clothing That’s Beyond Stylish and Classy

Fashion is an ornament just for women – says who? It’s as much a manly ornament. That established, you might be wondering what’s more to men fashion aside boring bottoms and shirts, well, if that’s the case, then you’d be amazed. The variety of men apparel at Psychonaut Fashion will tear apart all your fashion abilities, in a positive way.

This guide is for everyone trying to explore what’s new about men’s fashion. Read through to explore more.

5 Garments Every Man Must Own

Men wear in 2020 will see an uproar in the following trends that you must stock to rock this season.

  1. Fiddler Stone Slim-Fit T-shirt

This T-shirt by Plasma Lab is available at Psychonaut Fashion in two colors – grey and Stone. Its unique craftsmanship reflects in the following features it boasts.

  • It has a crew-neck design.
  • It is super light and breathable; thus, ideal for summers as it is made of 100% cotton.
  1. Hive Hoodie W/ ST Print

This is an embellished party-wear festive hoodie that features:

  • Small triangles prints.
  • Multiple pockets.
  • Sleeve with classic thumbholes.
  • A classy front-zipper closure.

Besides, this one is breathable since it is made of Polyester fleece.

  1. Ninja Shirt by Sykuico

This is a designer men’s shirt that gives a peppy look. It is entirely different from normal shirts and t-shirts. Why do we say so? Well, it is because it has the following unique features.

  • It boasts a stylish turtle neck.
  • It boasts long bat sleeves with thumbholes.
  • It boasts asymmetric hemlines.

It is available in many colors that include – red, grey, black, and burgundy.

  1. Orbital Grey Hoodie Jacket

This classy hoodie jacket is perfect for autumn and winter seasons. It boasts the following exclusive features.

  • It’s super-light and comfortable.
  • It features a unique stripped pattern.
  • The backside and sleeve sides at the bottom are printed.
  1. Managa Pants by Walla

Available in black and dark grey, these are stripped and semi-loose pants with the following features to display.

  • They feature miniscule stripes to create a textured look.
  • They have 2 classic pockets in the front, 2 classic pockets in the back, and 2 more on the sides of both the knees.
  • The classic front pockets have a button closure that’s further styled with a zipper.
  • The knee pockets have a zipper closure.

To sum up, men garments are just as classy and stylish as women garments. You just need to look around a little and you’ll discover a plethora of such stylish clothing at PsychonautFashion.com.