Different tops which women should have in their collection

In this article, we will tell you about the different tops which every woman should have in their collection. Also, we are going to tell you about the place where you can buy them and also for a fair price.

Where can you buy the tops?

The best place where you can get different tops and size charts to compare your body is known as rebellious fashion. This is the online website where you can see different pictures of available tops and order them. You can see the pictures as well as the different colour pickers and sizes available.

There is also an option where you can order to try out the quality. If you liked the product, then you can keep it and make the payment either online or by cash. Due to the pandemic, this feature is not working as per the guidelines provided by WHO.

So you will have to order the product online then you will have to test it out. If the product does not fit properly, then you can return it to the store, or you can ask them to deliver a bigger one. Due to this facility, our website has become the fashion page for many women, and they are ordering. Daily we deliver around more than a thousand packages to different houses.

Different tops to have in your collection

Below given is the list of tops that everyone should have in their collection.

  •  Batwing tops

These things are designed in such a way that it is named batwing because of its style. As these have long sleeves attached with them that are from the neck to the wrist. This gives them the batwing kind of look so it is named and it is comfortable to wear anywhere.

  •  Button up blouse

These are the top which you need to have as you can wear them anywhere. You can wear them at a party, in the office on working days and also at meetings with different bottoms. Mostly these tops are used for formal looks, but some people make a unique party wear out of them.

  •  Cropped mini top

These are the most common top that every woman has, and they mostly wear them at a party. These tops are created for comfort wear, and also you can style them accordingly.

  •  Curvy jeans top

These tops are called because they have a design which looks good on jeans. Also, they are made from light material and the structure according to its name.

  •  Designer back pattern top

These are tops that are lightweight and can be worn in any season and mostly for parties. You can wear them with pant, jeans, leggings, gym pants, jeggings, etc. To make it look good.

  •  Scoop neck tee

These are a T-shirt which has a unique design near the neck region that gives it an awesome look for party wear.

  •  Layered tops

These tops were created so that they can be worn anywhere and they usually have a two-layer cloth. You can wear them to a party or office.