Deciding the Best Type of Toilet Paper for Your Home

Most people think that there is only one type of toilet paper that is available but that is not the case. They might appear similar but certain characteristics of theirs make different from others. Such characteristics are weight, size, absorption and softness. These characteristics make them different from each other. There are many types of variety of paper available in the market and one should decide before buying the toilet paper on the given factors:

Quality of toilet paper

The quality of toilet paper depends on the number of plies stacked together to make the bath tissues. There can be a one-ply, two-ply and higher number of plies. For commercial purposes usually, one-ply toilet paper is available and may have some amount of non-bleached or non-pulped paper in it. Also, another option is the two-ply paper that is stacked with two sheets and also is thicker and softer. It is considered high-quality and more luxurious. The two-ply paper is more durable than one-ply toilet paper. The user has to decide which toilet paper he needs. Mostly two-ply toilet tissue paper is considered. If someone wants even better quality then he can go for the paper that has lotion or wax or the one with more number of plies.

Size of the roll

Another point to be considered is the size of the toilet paper and the amount of tissue paper on each roll. The two options are Jumbo and Standard rolls. The Jumbo roll bath tissue contains more paper per roll than the standard rolls. The jumbo ones tend to reduce costs and are low maintenance, as they are less needed to be changed than the standard ones. Jumbo toilet rolls are mostly used in places in a commercial setting such as restaurants, department stores and office buildings. Jumbo rolls are big and hence they need larger dispensers that are specially designed for jumbo rolls. Jumbo rolls also come in one-ply and two-ply options. So, the buyer can choose between the jumbo and standard rolls. Also, one can choose between the ply options that come in the chosen rolls.

Choose among coreless and regular toilet tissue roll

The coreless paper is the one that usually has more paper on it and also requires a special dispenser. The difference between the coreless and the regular roll is that whether the tissue is wrapped on the cardboard roll or not. The coreless is not wrapped on the cardboard roll and hence is more suitable for high-traffic areas such as offices, departmental stores and other places. Also, there is less need to change such rolls as they have more paper on them and hence are cost-effective. The length of the normal jumbo coreless roll is near about five standard toilet paper rolls. They also come in different ply options, so one can choose according to the suitability.

So, one can choose according to the preference and the factors mentioned and that suits the buyer.