Criteria for Buying a Quality T-Shirt

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When we talk about quality for a t-shirt, some criteria come directly to mind. The fabric composing the t-shirt can be natural (cotton, silk, linen) or synthetic (polyester, acrylic,). A natural fabric offers much better quality in terms of comfort and durability for the product.

It can also be composed of a single material (100% cotton, 100% wool, etc.) or a mixture (30% cotton, 70% polyester). Seams are a significant aspect of the quality of a t-shirt, whether for the sleeves, collar or buttons.

A more elaborate or avant-garde cut can come into play depending on how important you are to the criteria of fashion. Finally, for printed t-shirts, the type of device used in it will play a key role in both the final appearance and its durability. For a good impression, a heavyweight is necessary.

It is therefore with a view to quality and pleasure that we create our men’s or women’s t-shirts, 100% organic cotton, to best meet your expectations.

  • The Choice of Materials

Like shirts, the first thing to do in the store is to look at the composition of the t-shirt. Choose only 100% cotton pieces. Cotton is breathable, unlike polyester that will make you sweat more than right in summer. In addition, cotton is softer and withstands washing much better.

  • T-Shirt Printed or Not: Lack of Taste or Not?

When it comes to t-shirts, you have two choices: plain or printed. If you like graphic t-shirts, stay sober. Avoid all coins with lettering. Also, avoid those with realistic drawings of the roaring lion type and other foul things like this.

  • The T-Shirt as a Strong Piece or a Neutral Piece

A plain t-shirt is a neutral piece that can potentially call out more extravagant pieces. If you wear a jacket or cardigan over it, it must be much darker. To avoid the white t-shirt combo / light grey jacket. That is why we recommend Deadpool shirt which meets the criteria for a quality t-shirt for both male and female.