Check Out the Latest 2020 Fall Trends of The New York Fashion Week @bvictoriaangel

If you are looking for the latest Fall 2020 trends, the New York Fashion Week has been quite inspirational and unique this year. Fashion lovers were treated to designers like Nicole Miller and Michael Kors, who focused on a lot of Bohemian creations inspired by the 1970s. One came across patterns that were classic and thought-provoking in nature. There were many pussy-bow blouses and flower-inspired vibes to billowing dresses of silk at Zadig et Voltaire and Cinq á Sept.

Get inspired with Fall 2020 creation with plaid @bvictoriaangel

Victoria Barbara is a famous fashion blogger in the USA known for her high end and street style fashion tips @bvictoriaangel. She says 2020 sees plaid in several variations, and it is the print for the year. The New York Fashion Week featured creations that were both punk and pretty. Monse used them on trench coats with whole tartan Zimmermann, and Brock Collection embraced softer feminine tones.

Embrace ponchos and capes this 2020

Capes and ponchos stole the limelight this year. They are back on the fashion scene and came in many styles. Longchamp and Michael Kors embraced fringed and soft knitted capes as well as ruana wraps. While designers like Wes Gordon by Carolina Herrera treated fashion lovers to a better structural alternate by going completely hands-free!

Thigh-length boots

This was the surprise element for the 2020 Fall New York Fashion Week. Ulla Johnson and Cinq á Sept inspired fashion- lovers with animal printed sultry over the knee-high boots for the cold winters.


The Valentine’s Day theme was seen in the necklines of some designers like Khaite’s Catherine Holstein. Creations featured some of the most romantic necklines of the season. The design and shape of these necklines gained an appreciation, and it seems they will be around for a very long time thanks to their soft and loving appeal.

The over-exaggerated waistlines

Designer Christopher John Rogers introduced his line of dramatic ballroom skirts and tailoring that compelled attention to be drawn towards them. These exaggerated waistline dresses are an alternative to replace the sleek slip dresses made of yore. His collection prompted one to think that if they were to get inside the car with such an exaggerated waistline dress, they would need to occupy the full-back seat to fit in.

Leather trenches

The biker jacket fashion trend stepped aside this year to welcome the leather trench coat style. They came in some amazing Neo colors that seemed to grab the attention with their appeal.

Victoria Barbara gives you more insights into the New York Fashion Week Fall 2020 @bvictoriaangel. She says that when it comes to fashion trends and inspiration, one can effectively get inspiration online. If you love to stay in vogue and need essential tips when it comes to embracing 2020 trends, you should be informed. Thanks to fashion bloggers like her, both men and women are able to get amazing inspiration with the latest in the fashion world. With this, they can upgrade their wardrobe and boost confidence by pampering themselves with the latest fashion trends with success!