Born with talent, Marciano rules the fashion kingdom

Paul Marciano was brought up in a Jewish family and raised in the town of Marseilles, in France. He has four siblings who are named Armand, Jacqueline, and Maurice. He started with his first struggle while he met with a major motorcycle accident. His long absence from school never allowed him to complete his schooling so ultimately, he decided to travel to Israel to live on a kibbutz. From his childhood days, he was interested in dealing with jeans and clothing. So in the initial days his brother Maurice worked together with him and started manufacturing the ties and Paul went from selling his unique designs in the city of Paris

Paul’s marriage and controversies

The great designer Paul had gone for marriage twice. He was husband to his first wife who was a photographer and model name, Kimberly Marciano. The couple has two children whom they named Nicolai and the other one named Ela. In the year 2016, he again married the gorgeous French model, Meriva Georges. She was Miss. Tahiti in the year 1990 and again Miss France in 1991 at Bora Bora. The couple had two children named Ryan and Gia, who presently lives in Los Angeles. Mareva presently works as a freelance advocate for woman abuse and protection of children.

But unfortunately, in his long life full of glorious events, the year 2018 brought a little tantrum. Paul Marciano was held responsible for accusations regarding the Instagram of Harassment sexually that were because of unwanted touching by the Guess ’s former model named Kate Upton.

Paul, the president of Guess

In the year 2004, the brother Paul and Maurice together went from owning almost 70 percent of the total 44 millions of shares. In 2075, Paul Marciano stepped himself down as an Executive Chairman of Guess from the position of CEO. Some of his other commitments include his joined forces where he came up with Maurice. The joined forces were along with Steve Tisch and the Hero Ventures backing the World Wrestling Entertainment.  It was a start-up Los Angeles Entertainment. Paul can be considered not only a fashion designer but a businessman,  investor as well as a philanthropist. Being a responsible father of 4 children,  the designer has designed his life with beautiful people all around and has worked hard enough to enhance his business capacity and make it reach the stardom.