You Will Never Believe These Strange Truths Behind 925 Sterling Silver Ring

Buying 925 Sterling Silver Ring, is an investment which becomes more and more valuable with the passage of time. Are you able to make a difference between fake sterling silver jewellery and real sterling silver jewellery?

A real 925 sterling silver consists of 92.5% pure silver and the rest in some sort of alloy. This silver is much different from silver plated where a layer of silver is put over another metal or alloy. It can be scrapped off and stained off. There are few ways to ensure that your sterling silver jewellery is the real thing.


  • The best way to test a real sterling silver is to use a magnet. Attractive and shiny metals are non-rigid materials means that they are not magnetic. Take a piece of “silver” and put it near a magnet. If it is attracted to it then it is not sterling silver. It means it is stainless steel is polished to look like silver.
  • Real 925 Sterling silver jewellery has a certain mark on it which indicates its purity. This mark includes 925 and .925 to represent that 92.5% purity exists. If this mark is not present on jewellery then it is not surely mean that it is not sterling silver. If there is an official stamp of some kind on the jewellery then it is highly real sterling silver.
  • You can use a soft white cloth to make a difference between real and fake sterling silver. You need to rub a cloth on a small part of jewellery. If it appears black mark then your sterling silver is true silver. It is because 925 silver oxidise when it is exposed to air. This is the main reason why silver jewellery stains over time and takes on a back tinge to it. If the black mark is not on occur on the cloth then it is not sterling silver.
  • The price charge by your jewellery is also an indicator as to whether it is real or not. Diamond ring 925 sterling silver is much more expensive than alternatives.

Use these simple tests to make sure that your sterling silver jewellery is real or not. It is highly appreciated to invest in sterling silver but ensure that it is real.


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