Why the Bikini Epilator is So Popular

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Waxing is a well-known hair removal technique recommended by beauticians to maintain soft, smooth skin for longer than other modes of hair removal. This method, less delicate than tweezers, depilatory cream or bleaching cream, is nevertheless one of the most effective for removing all hair, including the smallest and finest.

Hot or cold wax? Which one to choose?

To obtain hot wax, it is necessary to heat in a double boiler wax balls which are then transformed into liquid wax. Then just spread the hot wax over the areas to be depilated using a spatula, respecting the direction of the hair. Wait a few moments for the wax to cool. Then pull the wax suddenly in the opposite direction of the hair. This technique removes all hairs and delays their growth. Although effective, it is not suitable for people with sensitive and fragile skin or those with small visible capillaries. Hot wax can be used on the legs, but also on areas of the face with high hair growth. Result: the skin is clear, smooth and soft.

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Cold wax , on the other hand, is a kind of gel distributed on a ready-to-use strip. Just heat the tape between your hands. Then peel off the two strips and apply one of them to the area to be epilated. Then simply pull the strip firmly in the opposite direction of the pile. This system makes it possible to remove hair easily and is ideal for hair removal from the legs. However, cold wax is less recommended for waxing the bikini line or underarms because of its less ergonomic format.

Pulsed light hair removal

Thanks to this method of hair removal, also called flash hair removal, the pains of waxing or of the bikini epilator are an ancient story. But how does this technique work? The pulsed light epilator actually projects a light emission which is then absorbed by the hair. Reaching 70 degrees C, it then destroys the hair until the latter finally no longer grows. This technique returns several waves of pulsed light. To apply this method, simply shave the areas you want to epilate using a razor. Then apply an anesthetic cream prescribed by your doctor. Protect your moles and the session can finally begin. This practice is recommended in a beauty salon, but can also take place at home. Result: the fifth session removes 90% of the hair. With this method, you can remove the hair from each desired area, provided that it is not discolored or white.

Please note: this system does not work on dark and matte skin, white and discolored hair, as well as on tanned skin. This method is prohibited for pregnant or lactating women, people with epilepsy or having a blood disease, people taking antiobiotics or anticoagulant treatments. The pubic hair epilator comes up with the finest options there.

Laser hair removal

Same process as hair removal with pulsed light, laser hair removal only emits a single wave of light. The laser allows to project a light emission which burns the hair from the root, and this in a definitive way. Unlike flash light (pulsed light), laser hair removal can only be performed by a dermatologist. Prohibited for dark skin, this method is recommended only for light skin and very dark hair. To get results, it takes 6 to 8 sessions.