Which Hand does the Wedding Ring Belong To?

together with your partner, you have thought about your dream ring and have found the perfect ring together with the jeweler you trust. Now you are waiting with excitement to hold your individually made favorite ring in your hands and exchange it on the day of the day. At least now the question arises as to which hand you should wear your wedding ring. To answer this question, it is necessary to look at history.


The custom of wearing a ring as a sign of everlasting love already existed in ancient Egypt. In ancient Rome and among many Germanic tribes, too, the man gave a ring to the woman as a symbol of his love, which was also a sign that he had received her dowry. These rings were often made of grass or cloth and later of iron. In the Middle Ages, the importance of the ring as a sign of loyalty and togetherness increased and culminated in the fact that men were forbidden to give a woman a ring for fun.


The answer to the question of which finger is adorned with your wedding ring also depends on where you come from. This tradition assumes that this finger is connected directly to the heart by the so-called vena amorist. As we know today, neither of the two ring fingers has such a special connection that would set it apart from the other fingers, yet this idea persists to the present day.

In world and some other, especially Eastern European countries, the wedding ring is traditionally worn on the right side. However, there is no uniform explanation for this. A reason could be found in the Bible, in which the right hand of God is described as strong and good (Exodus 15.6). In addition, the right hand was the hand of arms in earlier times, which is why to this day showing and shaking the free right hand in greeting is a symbol of trust and righteousness. Why other Christian countries still prefer the left hand for the wedding ring remains unclear.


Today, the wedding ring is often worn on the left, which is mainly for practical reasons. Many right-handers want to avoid excessive wear and tear on their favorite pieces of jewelry. Ultimately, the decision on which finger the moonstone wedding ring should be worn on is just as individual as the wedding ring itself. It is important that you feel comfortable with your favorite ring and that you are always happy to see and show it. It does not matter whether you wear your ring on your thumb, ring or index finger on the left or right side, or even on a chain around your neck.