When should fashion and style be blended with tradition?


It is sometimes necessary for parents to make a fashion statement in the traditional styles worn by their children. Parents love to have their children dressed in such a way that it draws attention to current trends or seen recently in children’s boutique clothing lines. Sometimes it is seen as being outside of the fashionable or the acceptable for children to wear anything other than what is acceptable of the day. Furthermore, when following a particular fashion designer, there will always be differences, and it may be difficult to define what is the fashionable or unfashionable.  How can a fashion designer stay within the tradition, while challenging that same tradition?


There are changing movements of clothing style every few years and often several forms vie with one another. For example, art nouveau, cubism, and deconstruction, each created a movement for children’s boutique clothing.  Anime, Bohemian and Artistic Dress also made way for different children’s clothing lines. Provided a fashion designer follows the proper protocol of color, texture, design, and fabric under one motif an entire children’s boutique clothing line can be created. New models must adhere to tradition in style.


Tradition provides a window looking back into what has already been introduced into the world of fashion. Just like so many things made for dress and style, fashions change, are accepted or move on, and other forms and ways replace them. It is a big challenge for a fashion designer to take an accepted traditional clothing style and add an element which brings new life and meaning. Sometimes this new addition could be to use a different fabric or to add more color. There are many possibilities to blend a traditional style with a modern style, yet still have this transformed style speak to a new world seeking an invigorated children’s boutique clothing line. The best change to a tradition is the one that retains the essential but challenges the unessential, thereby creating something new while speaking within the well-established stylistic voice of culture.


     The fashion designer must also take into consideration the value of his latest creation and what it will cost those who will want to wear them.  The designer will test his new line of boutique clothing with those professionals who know what would be accepted as traditional yet challenges the tradition enough to retain its essential stylistic traces. New designers need mentors and guides into the market.

Fashion, style, culture, and cost are designer elements that contemporary fashion designers keep in mind when designing children’s clothing like Granny’s Little Munchkins. Children’s clothing designer make clothing in which children can feel comfortable and cozy as well as move around at leisure.