Wedding Ring Ideas And Advice

Historically wedding bands represent the union of two people as well as the social demonstration that they have a lifelong love commitment. The tradition of wedding bands is much older than that of the engagement ring; it is recorded that five thousand years BC, in the Egyptian civilization, and the alliances, were given as a symbol of love whose main characteristic was that of the endless rings, which represented eternal love.

Currently, many brides prefer that their wedding ring have one or more diamonds, and they usually wear it with the engagement ring.

Do you already know what design you would like for your wedding ring?

Ideally, the design complements your engagement ring (in case you want to continue using it after marriage).

It is also preferable to combine it with the one of your future husband, but this is not a rule.

Currently, it is worth choosing different rings so that each one carries the ring with which they feel most comfortable. They can combine different designs and different colours.

White, yellow, or rose gold? It depends on everyone’s taste. The most requested gold colours are yellow or pink, although there are quite a few people who prefer white gold or even platinum.

Just choose the colour that you have always liked the most and feel that it suits your skin tone better. Do not choose it to follow a fashion, because fashions come and go.

Why do husband and wife give each other rings at the wedding?

It is the symbol of the alliance of love and the mutual surrender that both spouses make of themselves.

There is no statutory size. If you like more discreet jewellery, you can choose a thin band, in addition to feeling more comfortable, you can perform your routine tasks without feeling that the ring hinders you.

If you choose to have diamonds on your wedding ring, choose a design in which they are very well insured, to prevent them from slipping off later.

If you decide that you will continue to use your engagement ring after the wedding, it is very important that when choosing the wedding ring, you try it with the engagement ring and see how they look together.

The man’s ring has a more sober and discreet design. It is also wider so that it does not get lost in his hand.