Want Eyebrow Definition that Lasts? Try the MicrobladingDermopigmentation Technique for Long-lasting Results

If you’re someone who loves to keep your looks up to date, then, you must have heard about Eyebrow microblading technique at salon microbladingKad Brows. A cosmetic procedure, nevertheless, this technique focuses on creating semi-permanent makeup look that doesn’t smudge by the end of the evening or even a month.

Microblading, in other words, is used to make an eyebrow tattoo. Unlike the normal tattoos that are made with a single-needle machine and are permanent, this one made with a microblading machine is different in a lot of ways as mentioned below.

  • In terms of permanency, ink in microblading is introduced in the upper layers of the skin. Thus, it’s semi-permanent.
  • The microblading device has many needles engineered for creating a real-like tattoo.

So, if your eyebrow line is fading, or you have a naturally thin eyebrow, or are losing eyebrow hair due to alopecia, then eyebrow microblading is just the right procedure for you.

Now, one might argue that the procedure isn’t safe. But the safety concerns are just a hoax. As long as you pick experienced technicians at salons like Kad Brows, you’ll face no side-effects whatsoever.

A few reasons that make some salons worthy and the others unworthy are listed below.

  • Good salons maintain proper hygiene.
  • They hire experienced technicians who know what they’re doing.
  • They follow all pre-procedure precautions to minimize the pain and discomfort during the tattooing procedure.

Few Interesting Microblading Factors You Must Know Before Investing in the Procedure

People who complain about the effectivity of eyebrow microblading are the ones who were unaware of the practical results. Thus, you should know what to expect.

  • The tattoo will require a touch-up after 4 weeks for perfect definition.
  • You’ll experience mild swelling and pain after the procedure.
  • Expect the tattoo to last for about 6 months with proper care.
  • Since the ink isn’t deep seated, the hue will begin to fade over a period of time. Which is why touch ups will be needed.

The longevity will also depend upon how you maintain the eyebrows after the treatment. So, to ensure there’s nothing askew, keep in mind the following post-microblading don’ts.

  • Don’t scratch the treated area at all.
  • Don’t forget to apply the antimicrobial creams prescribed since freshly treated area is prone to infections.
  • Don’t forget to put Vaseline over the brows.

On a closing note, eyebrow Microblading isn’t drawing hair-like strokes with a pen, it’s done with a machine that contains any number of needles. And only precision can call for 3-D strokes with such machines. Thus, do not compromise just for the sake of saving a few pennies. The results will be worthy only when professionals will have the task in hand.