Vintage Inspired Bird Scarf

If you have ever dreamt of flying, this beautiful vintage scarf will give you wings. It is hand painted and digitally printed. The detailed illustration of the scarf displays a glorious span of wide spread feathers. The illusion of feathers will make you feel like you have the freedom to fly high amongst the starry skies.

Additionally the styling possibilities with the use of this scarf are endless. You can wear this as a scarf, as a shawl or even in your hair as a bandana. This vintage inspired Bird Scarf is available in cotton, silk cashmere or silk.

Why You Should Try It?

  • These vintage bird scarves are 100% light weight cotton. The print is only on one side of the fabric. The opposite side will look slightly lighter.
  • In case of silk cashmere, it is 30% silk and 70% cashmere. The print is again on one side of the fabric. The opposite side will look a bit lighter.
  • In case of a silk scarf, it is 100% pure silk. It is soft, luxurious, high end, delicate with super soft texture and flows beautifully with a tad of sheen to it.

The feeling you get wearing these scarves will literally give you goosebumps. These scarves are specially designed to express beauty, spirit and grace. The designs of Shovava are a statement of spiritual integrity, power and beauty.

The illustrated garment has all the drama that you would expect from the night time just like the nocturnal creature, Owl spreads it’s wings from edge to edge with a start sky as it’s backdrop. It is now available as a cozy Cotton and luxurious silk cashmere.

They are specifically appreciated by those who love connecting with inner guidance and sources of energy. If you are a woman who is free spirited and admires the beauty of nature, then you will instantly fall in love with these Scarves.