Ulzzang Hair: Enhancing the Natural Beauty

Have you heard of the “ulzzang” style? Also called uljang or eoljang, it is a very popular South Korean term meaning “best face” or “good-looking,” much used to describe a specific style of fashion. Probably, you must be wondering why you’ve never heard of this trend in your life, but you may have seen somewhere out there … DressLily

In practice, the style is inspired by the characteristics of the South Korean models with large eyes, small lips, thin noses and skin as white as milk, those we Brazilians usually see in anime and cosplay, you know? Even here, in Brazil, ullzang fans are called brazzang.

But beyond the skin, eyes, noses and lips that draw attention to this style, another detail that draws attention is the hair. With perfectly aligned and shiny threads, there are those who draw inspiration from the so-called ulzzang hair to take care of their locks. Still, some vain even resort to wigs to successfully join style! click

Want to know how to bet on ulzzang hair? So, keep an eye on the next paragraphs of this article that I show you the best tips to have the perfect yarn and sweep this trend!

Bet on fringed, straight yarn and natural color

The first step to having hair Ulzzang style is to bet on the side or straight bangs, wires in natural color, or dark brown or light (blond are rarely seen in this trend) and plain or with large curls.

Combine the cut with the shape of your face

Inside the ulzzang hair there is no universal cut. Therefore, you can venture into the versatility of this style and combine it with your face shape when choosing the best arrangement for you. For this, the tip is to talk to a hairdresser you trust to get a cut that emphasizes your jaw and facial features.

And remember: it’s always better to choose a cut that suits you than to invest in a particular one that may not match your features and put the look to waste.

Take care of your hair

An ulzzang hair is known for its lined yarns, which give that wonderful shine, enhancing the natural beauty of the color and drawing much attention. To enhance these characteristics, the tip is to always use shampoos and conditioners with strengthening properties and comb the hair regularly to keep the wires always in line.

If you are adept at heat appliances, the key is to reduce the frequency of use or, if not possible, always apply a good heat shield to protect the wires from high temperature damage, as frizz and breakage. Ah! And do not forget to always moisturize your hair. Only then will it always be healthy and therefore always aligned and sparkling, as the ulzzang style calls for.

Wig is also an option!

And for you who think you have very thin hair and yarn, stay calm! Still have hope … There are wigs of the most different styles, sizes and colors on the market, including to buy over the internet, which can help you conquer ulzzang hair more easily. However, the most important thing is that you do not forget that the strands have to look natural, as if they were your own.

The ulzzangs models, in general, are inspired by some styles to play in the trend successfully, ranging from elegant retro, romantic, futuristic or more rocker. As you can see, boldness is the key word to adopt when styling, since all the arrangements are quite stylish.

In addition, it is possible to enhance the look with exotic strands and stronger colors, which is nothing out of the ordinary when talking about a trend coming from one of the most fashionistas countries in the world, do you agree? Then write down:

1 – Ulzzang futuristic

In futuristic style ulzzang hair, the arrangements are usually differentiated, asymmetrical and more straightforward, with the chanel cut being the darling of those who like more short threads.

2 – Elegant retro

In the elegant retro style, the ulzzangs usually bet on hair in shades of brown, like cream, caramel or chocolate, and even locks that key, as golden and coppery. In this case, you can choose to paint the wires or buy wigs.

3 – Rocker

Meanwhile, ulzzang hair in the rocker style draws attention to more colorful details, with stronger and exotic colors, which are feit