Types of Mens Fashion Shirt for Every Body Type

It is the belief of fashion experts- a perfect wardrobe doesn’t need to consist of expensive or highly sophisticated luxury brands. All it needs is a stylish collection of timeless mens fashion shirt that complements your personality and body type. Shirts that can be worn again and over again and can be paired in different ways to create new style ensembles. Such shirts become the mainstream from the 20th century and accepted as outwear of ‘class’. Every body type is different and in the world of fashion, there is a myriad option to classic shirts that can complement your taste of styling. The only trick is to know how to pair up shirt with bottom wear that can give you a perfect look for the day and suits your body type.

Your body type and shape always takes preference over fashion trends. Whether big, tall, short or chunky, once you figure out your body type, it will help you a lot in determining what color, pattern and print suits you and what doesn’t. To make it easy for you, we have outlined some classic shirts for every body type and given you tips for what style looks best on your physique. Just look in the mirror to get started!

Formal shirt for tall and short body type

If you are office based and wants to flaunt your physique, a formal shirt is on the list which can easily be incorporated into suits, casual outfits and even with winter styling sweaters. This is the most favored specialty of formals which make it every guy must-have attire because it complements every body type both tall and shirt and above all can wear in any season. There is a plethora of classic formal shirts as well as men’s sweaters online available complements each other pattern.

Baggy shirts for chubby body type

If you are a little bit on the healthier side of a body type, then baggy shirts will be your top pick. This style fits in perfectly for all chubby or broad body type structure and gives them a comfortable attire for all season. Moreover, the wide collection of baggy shirts in different color pattern portrays a slimmer appearance to the wearer’s personality which is its plus-point. Pairing up baggy shirt with fitted chinos can create a striking ensemble carrying both comfort and sophisticated style for chubby body type.

Slim fit shirts for toned body type

Let’s admit if you have a muscular torso with 6 pack ABS, you definitely want to flaunt it. A slim-fit shirt is a perfect outwear to flaunt that perfect and clean body shape in style. For grabbing everyone’s attention, pair it up with any of your favorite trousers or denim to flaunt your toned physique. There’s no better way to show off all the hard work you do at the gym than the slim-fitted shirts that fit you perfectly and enhance your body type.

Muscle fit-shirts for athletic body 

If you are an athlete and looking for shirts that will cast light on your athletic sharp body type, a muscle fit shirt with three-fourth sleeves is your answer. The best part about muscle fit-shirts is that they are available online in a plethora of color and pattern option. Pair it with rugged denim to add a dash of elegance to your vibrant style.

Options are wide when it comes to finding that perfect shirt that suits your body type and occasion. Just follow simple styling dos and don’t’s, play around with the looks you like: check out the styling tip of your favorite fashion ideal for inspiration, and soon you’ll be on your way to pulling out a collection of shirts in your wardrobe which make you feel like the shirts is designed keeping ‘only’ your body-type.