Traditional Flower for Mothers on Mother’s Day

Often for some people it is hard to find the best Mother’s Day gifts for their mothers. You can’t get a food gift basket since mom’s diet must be watched. Or she doesn’t wear a lot of jewellery. It can’t be wine because mom doesn’t drink. So, for some people that leaves them with a problem.

My friend

I once had a good friend Mary who was in that same situation. Every year, no matter what she bought to give her mother it just wasn’t right – she could see it in her mother’s eyes.  Then one year, she happened on the perfect gift and it became a tradition ever year. They lived in a small town and she knew the florist owner in town very well. So, Mary placed an order for a carnation to be delivering to her mother before Mom left for church on Sunday.  The florist delivered it just in time and she told Mary her mother was beaming when she put the carnation on her Sunday dress.


This tradition of giving a Mother a carnation on Mother’s Day first began in the United States, in 1906 when Anna Jarvis (who started Mother’s Day) began wearing her mother’s favourite flower which was a white carnation. Since then the carnation as been viewed as the traditional flower for Mother’s Day.

Christian legend

According to a legend that is Christian, the carnation was the flower that sprang up with Christ’s mother Mary cried tears of sorrow, seeing her son having to go through suffering on the cross. Pink or red carnations both are given to mothers as an expression of love. And then carnations that were white are worn in reverence for those mothers who are no longer living.

Tradition begins

Mary’s mother called her after church and hardly knew what to say. She did say that everyone at church mentioned her carnation. So, from that year Mary and her mother had the tradition of the Mother’s Day carnation. Something was finally found that her mother liked so that tradition continued for years. After her mother passed away, Mary started wearing to church on Mother’s Day a white carnation to remember her mother.

So don’t give up – eventually you will find the perfect gift for your mother on Mother’s Day.