The Replica Watches with the Finest Details

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Buying a replica watch seems simple and harmless, but it certainly isn’t. Below we give you five reasons why buying a fake watch is not that smart. By the way, is it illegal to wear a fake watch? We explain it all below. You decide after the item what you buy, our item is purely informative. Five reasons why buying replica watches is not smart: 

  1. It Is Punishable

Buy a fake watch abroad or in your own country. It may seem beneficial, but the consequences can cost you a lot. Replica watches belong to the group of counterfeit and piracy products and violate intellectual property law. It is in fact an imitation or reproduction of existing aspects of a brand or product that is used without permission. The replica watches china is perfect there.

It is extremely risky to buy counterfeit products on the internet and it is certainly not smart to give it a try. No, we are not exaggerating. On the internet, a replica watch will also usually be sent from abroad (often from a temporary address) in a package. Your package will have to go a long way through the courier services across the various borders. With a normal check, customs always have permission to seize this type of watch and destroy it immediately.

Down with your well-earned money

All costs that can be incurred can therefore be charged to the recipient (customer). Furthermore, it is also permitted in Belgium that a trademark owner may request compensation from the recipient. You are only entitled to prove that you have purchased the watch without knowing that it is counterfeit. If there are effective brand names and normal prices on the website, we are of course talking about scams.

  1. Reliable Replica Websites Do Not Exist

If you think you can buy or sell counterfeit or replicas online, you are wrong. It had always been illegal and this will continue to be the case. You can find such webshops very quickly on search engines, but buying will be at your own risk. These websites will often link to other URLs. If you look at the contact page of such websites, you will usually only find commercial e-mail addresses (without domain names) such as @, @, @ and so on. These websites must constantly move and change URLs. If the police or government were to block one website from them, they would not have lost any money to a professional e-mail address with domain name. If domain names are exceptionally used, then these domain names will not match the URL.

The ‘Shipping & Returns’ (information page about shipping) is also important to read. You will see that you do not have many rights to return the product without reason (which is not legal). If there is a return policy, so to speak, then you have to take this with a pinch of salt. Because you never or never want to send counterfeit yourself from your own name and address, because you commit criminal offenses yourself. There may also be (so-called) costs to put the product back in stock, which can often be huge costs. Finally, shipping costs may also be added. Do you still want to return a product under these circumstances? No? They also thought that very well there of course.