The Level of High Interest with the Leather Bucket Bags

The choice of a leather bag is also made on the quality and style of the skin. Rarely put forward by the sellers of leather goods, the quality and style of the leather of a bag is nevertheless an essential element in the choice of a leather bag at the time of its purchase. If it is decisive in the qualitative appreciation of the model and in particular its durability, it is also the soul of the accessory which will embody as much as the line or the fittings the personality of the bag, the famous “look” which will prevail or not in the decision to buy the bag. Because, ultimately, beautiful or not, it is above all the opinion of the buyer that counts and no need to be an expert in leather goods to make his choice. You just have to know what you like or what you want.

So what does a good choice of leather for a bag look like and what are the trends at the moment, especially among all the ranges of quality leather handbags?

Better understand the great diversity of leather goods

There is obviously a lot of subjectivity in the tastes and colors that everyone prefers, so there is no question here of imposing this or that criterion of choice but rather to suggest, offer or make discover to lovers of bags, men or woman, interesting leather finishes which have real qualities for a bag or a wallet. Because the choice is great, the many brands and the best versions are not always well known to the general public. This is a way to stimulate his curiosity, even his personal culture, to make good use of it when you next buy a leather bucket bag or a discussion with friends on the subject.

Leather finishes in fashion trends

Leather goods therefore offers a very large number of different finishes to choose from among women’s and men’s handbags according to criteria as varied as they are classic, such as the final budget of the bag and therefore the level of quality, the style desired, its robustness. Possible depending on use, target clientele, desired effect, etc.

The big trend in recent years for women’s bags is flexible (or soft) leather which allows very contemporary flowing and graphic lines, sometimes unstructured like J. Dreyfuss, for example. An approach and a way of doing things that revolutionized the world of bags a few years ago, giving a real “makeover” to leather goods. No more hegemony of “small rigid boxes” on the arms of women: From now on, the women’s bag is adorned with more sensual materials capable of wrinkling, folding, bending around the body and thus embodying greater creativity in models, whether chic, trendy or casual. Italian leathers, deers and nubuck, some cowhide or calf leathers are among them. Available in classic tones or colors, with reptile, textile or mesh printing, grained or veined, smooth and mat or spangled, the choice is wide. Below, a woman bag in bubble leather called “bubble”, also classified in this category.

Classic vintage-style leather still has a future

The other strong trend in leather goods is the return of box leather , firm skin which has hold and gives handbags a certain chic elegance and a little retro to what we call “classic bags”, these models carried by hand or elbow, all inspired by “it bags” of large luxury houses of the 50s and 60s.