The Hipster’s Guide to Chicago

The Windy City seems to be made for hipsters, geeks, and other likable misfits in pursuit of fun and whimsical attractions. From cool coffee shops and restaurants to alt galleries and not-so-touristy stuff, Chicago offers a colorful abundance of hidden gems – all equally unique, quirky, and intriguing.

Here’s where to do what in the birthplace of hipster culture.

  1. Where to Stay

The beauty of Chicago is that it offers something for everyone’s taste, though we can all agree that the best local neighborhoods to visit and stay at are Wicker Park and Logan Square. Both located on the Blue Line with direct transit to downtown, they boast numerous restaurants, bars, and galleries.

  1. Where to Eat

Native Foods Cafe, Bongo Room, MAD Social, Lula Cafe – Chicago is brimming full with super-delicious food served in both fancy restaurants and fast food joints. Taste-wise, you cannot possibly make a mistake. When it comes to the ambient, however, we recommend Bavette’s Bar & Boeuf and Celeste.

  1. Where to Drink

For the best coffee in town, visit Reno Coffee, Cafe Mustache, or The Wormhole Coffee. Late-night bars such as The Owl, Lost Lake, and L&L Tavern guarantee not only amazing drinks but also great fun. In case you’re a hardcore geek and proud of it, we bet you’ll adore Chicago’s Emporium Arcade.

  1. Where to Dance

Impromptu concerts are very common in Chicago, and you can stumble upon one on every second corner. In case you like your evenings carefully planned out, add The Vic, Empty Bottle, and Kingston Mines to your itinerary. For a more intimate setting and old school blues, remember to visit B.L.U.E.S.

  1. Where to Shop

They say barber shops in downtown Chicago are the mecca of perfectly-groomed hipster gentlemen, so go there and treat yourself to a new mustache. Oh, and one more thing to take home – you’ll find the wackiest Chicago souvenir at shops like Reckless Records, Knee Deep, Lost Eras, and Kokoroko.

Bonus Tip: Where to Ponder

If you crave some me-time, the bustling city of Chicago will provide you with the perfect atmosphere for that too. Just take a walk to the Alder Planetarium Chicago or Museum of Science & Industry Chicago, or grab a bottle of wine and your favorite book and find a lonesome spot at the Linkon Park.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, the Windy City will feel just like home.