The do’s and don’ts when dressing the bump

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Even if you are the trendiest gal on the block, dressing can pose a challenge especially if you are pregnant. When your favorite jeans stopped buttoning, it is like starting from scratch again. It is important that during this time, you stay calm.

You understand that being pregnant means your body is always changing but the thought of not knowing which clothes are going to fit the next day can be quite frustrating. To help you get through this challenging time, you should consider the dos and don’ts when dressing the bump.


Having a baby is a blessing so you should accentuate it. Here are some dos that you need to remember when dressing the bump:

  • Know when it is time to shop for maternity clothes: in the early stages of maternity, it is okay not to buy new clothes. However, if you are having difficulties fastening everything, it is time that you shop for maternity clothes. Remember that there is nothing that you can gain from procrastinating on maternity clothing purchases. The quicker you embrace your new form, the easier your days.
  • Keep your budget in mind: when it is time to shop for clothes, you should always keep your budget in mind. Sometimes it can be overwhelming buying dresses but you should be wary of your spending. The most practical thing is to buy clothes that can still accommodate your body after pregnancy.
  • Invest in the essentials: you should include in your budget essentials like maternity bra and comfortable shoes. If you have room, you should also look for a few shirts and jeans. Of these things, the most important is bra as your size can increase by up to four times when pregnant.
  • Always prioritize back support: as you go along the pregnancy, you will have difficulties with your back. Fortunately, you can consider a bellyband for assistance. Bellybands will provide an extra belly lift thereby relieving lower back pain.
  • Choose patterns and stripes: when you are pregnant, you can wear patterns and stripes anytime. These can camouflage some of the bumps that are not your belly.


If this is your first pregnancy, you probably do not know how to dress and that is okay. To give you a head start, here are some don’ts that you need to remember when dressing the bump:

  • Avoid oversized sweats: when you are pregnant, you have a go-to outfit. This is the kind of outfit that you rely on regularly. Many pregnant women consider sweats because they are comfortable. While they are comfortable, they will not appear good on you. There are plenty of alternatives if you want to be comfortable from leggings to dresses and Jersey knits.
  • Avoid giving in to the lazy: you wear oversized sweats because you are lazy. While this is normal for pregnant women, you should not give in to the feeling. You have to dress to feel good about yourself.
  • Refrain from forcing yourself to wear maternity clothes: there is no law that you require you to wear maternity clothes. If you want to be stylish, you can do so. The most important thing is not forcing yourself to wear maternity clothes because it will be the root of unhappiness.