The Delta & Dawn Collection from PECKD is so pure it will knock your guilt off!

These days fashion indulgence feels like cheating. It feels like you are on a diet-of-the-decade to get that super-hot beach bod while being in love with baker of the most delicious patisserie. You must be the show-stopper. You have to own that designer piece which looks sinfully stunning. But there is a constant niggle– those terrifying articles that advocate against fast fashion. 

Could it be true? Could the dress that makes you look like a million dollars be at the expense of forests, animals and laborers? Is that look really worth those sacrifices? Before your conscience gets the better of you, you squash that niggling voice, pin your winning smile and get set to become a headliner.

When PECKD decided to step into the world of fashion, they decided to do the impossible. They decided to put stunning designer pieces on the shelf that did not torture your conscience. They decided to make haute couture… compostable!

Every collection created by PECKD is inspired by wildlife. It is raw. It is pure. And it is irresistible! The Delta & Dawn Collection in particular is inspired by the story of two humpback whales. You can read more about the inspiration here.

Each piece of the Delta & Dawn collection is made from all-natural fabric which decomposes naturally when buried in moist soil. Our question is – why would you want to turn such a dashing fashion statement into compost? Well, maybe decades later, once the dress has been handed down from one to the other and worn and re-worn, it can simply be tossed into a compost bin. Since the creation of these designer pieces is free of chemical dyes, metals, microfibers, rubber, plastic, elastic and other harmful elements they leave no harmful residue in the soil, or groundwater. 

The use of such exquisite fabric requires handling with care. Since none of the stunning designs use elastics or zippers, the attention given to make these pieces a perfect fit despite the constraints is worth applauding. Each piece takes four to seven days to create and is carefully handled to ensure it remains exquisitely untouched by anything artificial or chemical.

If you are a fashion lover and you do not have PECKD in your wardrobe, you’re missing both – a conscience and style statement that is designed to blow your mind.

It definitely is a beautiful experience to get PECKD!