The 6 Ways You Are Wearing Your Suit Wrong

For a lot of men, a suit is not just a fancy ensemble that makes them look polished and professional. A suit is so much more; it is a power armor. However, there are also some men who see a suit as nothing else but a source of discomfort. They feel weird wearing a suit, and worse, they think they look ridiculous wearing a suit.

Reality check: a suit is never ridiculous.

Even one in an unexpected color and comes with funky prints and outrageous embellishments is never a fashion no-no when worn the right way.

Suits, particularly custom-made men’s suits, Columbus, Ohio haberdashers say always look good if you wear them with the right attitude and proper styling. The only time a suit looks drab is when it’s worn wrong. Sadly, a lot of men are guilty of this fashion crime and they do not even know it.

So, if you tend to feel uncomfortable and very self-conscious when wearing a suit, it’s most likely that you are wearing the outfit wrong. Here are the six reasons why you think the ensemble does not feel and look right.

1. You “close” all the buttons of a two-button jacket.

The two buttons should be used, right? Wrong.

You’re not supposed to button the bottom button even if the silhouette you achieve by doing so looks nice. Keep that bottom button unbuttoned so you can move freely, and to have a nice and relaxed fit.

Additional Tip: Unbutton the jacket all the way when you are sitting down. You’ll feel more comfortable that way and you get to give everyone a view of the nice shirt you’re wearing underneath the jacket.

2. You do not remove the tag and the stitching.

The scratchy tag always needs to go, and never leave the stitching behind. It’s actually quite easy to remove both with a pair of scissors. And do not worry about ruining the suit because the tag and the stitching are truly meant to be removed.

3. You do not get your suits tailored to fit your body correctly.

If you’ve always had the mindset that clothes fit right when they are not tight, for sure, you’ve never had any of your outfits tailored to flatter your specific body shape and size. Any suit you choose to wear truly will not look good on you if you do not make it fit your body the right way. Also, if you are worried about your physical comfort, having your suit tailored will fix that.

If you get your suits tailored, you can be certain that you will look cool and smart wearing them, and comfortable as well.

4. You do not switch things up.

Suits are actually quite versatile and you should take advantage of this. Switch things up every now and then, and see how well the pieces of your suit go with a lot of things.

Also, do not be afraid to experiment with shirts for your suit.

It does not always need to be a button-up dress shirt with a tie. You can dress your suit down with a turtleneck, a V-neck shirt, or even any funky shirt as long as it’s not too big and will bunch up in the sleeves when worn under the jacket. Switching things up slightly will allow you to look good in your suit for different occasions. With the right tweaks, you can go from wedding dapper to a casual jet-setter quite easily.

Ditto with your shoes. You do not always need to wear dress shoes especially if you have opted for no break for your pants. You can actually wear sneakers and loafers, even sandals (which are perfect for the summer). Switching up the shoes is a great way to bring the suit down a notch but still look stylish and polished.

5. You wear matchy-matchy accessories.

This looks rather tacky and dated for women, so it’s safe to say that matchy-matchy accessories have the same effect on men as well. When wearing a suit, your tie does not necessarily mean that it should be the same color or print as your pocket square or handkerchief.

6. You do not wear a sleek dress watch.

This small accessory actually has a huge impact on the overall look of your suit. So, make sure that you have on a nice dress watch when you wear a suit, even when you have dressed down the ensemble a bit. A sleek watch just looks “smarter” and it does not alter the lovely clean lines of the jacket.

Suit up!

Stop committing these suit faux pas and you will come to take great delight in wearing a suit. It may even become your favorite go-to for any occasion (not just weddings and business conferences at a luxury hotel) whenever you want to look and feel confident.


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