The 4 Rules: What to Wear for Yoga

Choosing yoga apparel is beyond just looking at how loose and comfortable it is. You have to make a choice that will not only help you and your instructor but will also put other people into considerations. You have to be careful because the wrong apparel can give you a horrible yoga experience and can make you look ridiculous. Dressing for yoga is a bit more complex than just wearing anything that fits. Therefore, I have given 4 rules of yoga apparel in this article to help you make the right decision whenever you decide to make an investment.

#1:Optfor Fitted Tops

Yoga apparel with loose tops can end up exposing your tummy anytime you do the headstand or go to downward dog because they can easily fall over your head. Low tops too can allow things to fall up or down whenever you twist. The best thing is to choose a top with long fitted tops that will keep you covered no matter the command you execute. This is good, not only for you but also for your instructors as it helps them to observe your body alignment and core. For core focused workouts, 2×U is perfect to provide heightened body awareness and they make an Elite Compression Core Tank. Also, ensure you stick to dark colors to play it safe and avoid being all sweaty.

#2:Wear the Appropriate Bra

Don’t just wear any old bra for yoga because it is “low impact.” Doing that can give you a horrible experience, especially during the stretching and extending when you feel the wire inside the bra. Choose sport bras because of the comfort they provide during every tipping. Besides, they can also help you prevent chafing because they are built to manage moisture and resist abrasion. If you are not sure of what type of sport bra will go well for your yoga regimens, you can check out some good sport bras in places like

#3:Consider Easy Breathing

Breathing here does not only concern your lungs but your skin also. Yogis sweat even when there seems to be lack of exertion because there is usually lot of isometric effort going on inside. Ensure your yoga apparel is thin enough to wick sweat away from the body and allow for “easy breathing.”

#4:Get Moisture-Wicking Undies

Am sure you don’t want to be thinking about making sweat shadow puppets with your stuff while spreading your legs up in the air.Consider the breathability factor and ensure your choice of undies doesn’t get heavy when wet and dries quickly. Avoid light colored bottoms and ensure your shorts are not the type that is thin in the crotch. Try as much as possible to go for options that reduce chafing.

Yoga apparels must be chosen carefully so you don’t get discomfort while stretching, twisting or bending. Be sure you wear the appropriate top that fits and allow easy breathing. Your bra and undies must also help avoid chafing and choking to give you the best yoga experience you deserve.