T-Shirts Which Improve Your Wardrobe

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Although a lot of women think they need to concentrate on dresses, skirts and cute suits first, they usually do one serious mistake by underestimating simpler clothes. And T-shirts are among them. According to Cattifly, these usual and at the same time items with their own character do matter when it comes to the latest fashion trends. Would you like to know the details you haven’t even thought about? Let’s start right now.

Of course, all of us know casual wardrobe is almost based on different T-shirts and combinations with them. However, in most cases our imagination offers only variants like sets with jeans, shorts, leggings or sports pants. Is it everything your experience of wearing T-shirts includes? Then the experts of Cattifly will be glad to present a mini-report on how to use them in more unusual ways.

To begin with, we need to repeat T-shirts are good enough for both formal and informal outfits. As far as wearing this kind of clothes as a part of your favorite casual looks is more than ordinary, the guys from Cattifly are going to analyze their formal and prom incarnations.

Are you looking for a new formal suit? According to Cattifly it’s time to take an option with a classy T-shirt into consideration. How does it work? Choose a chic suit you like, throw away the shirt intended for the model and put on a simple white, black, blue, olive or pastel colored T-shirt instead. This guarantees unprecedented comfort and a more flexible result. Just check how nice you feel in the clothing set after a long working day. And now compare the feelings with the ones after a day in the office while wearing a traditional suit. The difference is obvious.

If you are tired of casual looks with T-shirts, but are toused to choosing them, there is always a great chance to modify such combinations. Just put on a floral corset top or a straight check shirt over the T-shirt you are fond of – and here comes a totally different outfit. The experts of Cattifly add such tricks can be used even for parties and prom wardrobe. A strapped silk top or a sequined sheer vest is able to create an awesome match with a classical T-shirt, which will emphasize your flawless taste and awesome style.

In case you don’t know what top to order for this or that bottom, pay attention to T-shirts. Maybe their potential can offer you more than we usually think. In practice, outstanding solutions come in very unexpected situations previously considered lacking any good ideas.