Special Occasions for Gift Boxes

A lot of people only think of gift boxes in terms of anniversary or valentine chocolate gifting. However, it is necessary to understand that wooden gift boxes, for instance, can be great gift ideas for many occasions.

Chocolates, candles, and tea towels can be gifted using these boxes. A great example of a company selling thoughtful gift boxes is Lafayette Gifts. You can find variety of goods for different occasions. Below are listed appropriate moments for such presents.


No matter what age your friend is at, completing an academic program is an achievement to be celebrated. If they are about to graduate, boost their excitement with a gift they will hang on for the longest time. Honor their big achievement with personalized gifts such as a gift box. This is a fun gift that allows you to congratulate the graduate your way.

The box can come personalized with your color option, photo, clip-art or message. It may look like the classic graduation cap, allowing the person you are gifting to use it in different ways. You could stash in candy personalized for them including add-ons such as the college colors, mascot, degree, and their photo.

You also have the chance to go big with an inspirational quote or a congratulatory note. You could also turn the gift box into a de facto yearbook by asking some of their classmates to put down their signatures on it.

Engagement Party

Why not toss the soon bride and groom to be with a wooden gift box packed with special goodies? If you are looking for something they would both enjoy, you could also gift them with a gift box for their future storage of items. This would show your consideration and a sense of thoughtfulness.  


For a kid’s birthday, you can offer a doll. But what do you give to an adult? Your idea of gifting should be based on items they will remember you for in a long time. Create your perfect gift with the shimmering wood gift boxes.

These come in different sizes and are hand-selected to fit your ideal gift. For a birthday, you want to give something festive like candles, chocolates, or even the wood box for future storage.

Thanks Giving

When someone has been good to you, it may not be enough to say “thank you”. It needs to be accompanied by something tangible to attribute your gratitude. You don’t have to write a long letter saying how grateful you are.

Instead, you could get a gift box and simply write a thank you note at the top, and the rest will speak for you. For a fancy feel, be sure to bring along goodies such as a bottle of wine, candles, hand soap, and other goodies in a personalized wood gift box.

The box would also be the perfect way to send Thanksgiving greetings to people who live far away.


Wood gift boxes even without any other accompaniment make for the perfect housewarming gift. It could be used to store items, keep oil lamps, essence sticks, and could also be used as interior décor to bring warmth to your friend’s space.

You want your friend to know you are thinking of them and if they are new neighbors, they need to feel welcome in your neighborhood.

Wooden gift boxes are not just for ceremonies such as anniversaries but can be used in any other kind of event or circumstance. Buy your special someone a gift box with or without accompaniments and make their day bright. Well curated wooden gift boxes can be stashed with artisan or any other form of product to suit every style.