Some Of The Best Beauty Moments In The Movies

Movies will teach us all sorts of things in life, such as love, family situations, and life events (albeit challenging or rewarding), and often, people seek a movie where a situation is somewhat relatable. 

Oftentimes we look at our lives and realise it’s not that dissimilar to a movie, especially if there is a lot going on at that particular time. The truth is people do find real-life situations entertaining, and many tend to like films based on real-life events (rather than fiction). This is due to the fact it offers comfort in knowing that others in the world do have moments in life that are often challenging, exciting, overcoming hurdles, or perhaps rewarding because life is exactly that, full of ups and downs. A real-life story gives a sense of connecting with the world, knowing as people, we are all the same and never alone with what situation we are presented with.

Beauty salons depict many iconic film moments; the relationships between clients and salon staff are not just about the treatment they are getting but so much more. Clients often open their hearts to the people behind the beauty uniforms, especially when good relationships are built over time. A day’s work in the salon can present all sorts of situations, such as jokes and laughter, relationship woes, financial stresses, work issues, family situations, good times, bad times, and moments of grief occasionally too.

 Several salon situations are the backdrop to a plot of a good movie, and here are some examples of entertaining beauty salon movies that you may enjoy watching.

  • Beauty shop– a good comedy featuring Kevin Bacon, Queen Latifah, Andie MacDowell, and Alicia Silverstone, the story of Gina, who opens her own Beauty salon, but her Clients are somewhat troublesome.
  • Edward Scissorhands– Featuring Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder. A unique love story, depicting the Art of salon work and how talent and affection connect people.
  • Legally Blonde– The iconic movie that introduced a love for the perm. A movie boasting women able to achieve anything without concerns for how they look, however, how the look still has its relevance.
  • Caramel- A movie based on a whole salon experience featuring the lives of 5 significant women workers covering a broad range of topics, all representing real-life events, such as infidelity, aging, etc. The title represents hair removal methods known as ‘Hot Caramel.’
  • The 40-year-old virgin- Has to be one of the funniest moments in the film of all time when a scene featuring Steve Carell shows his character ridding his hairy torso in the most hilarious way. It has to be said it’s not dissimilar to everyday hair removals in the salon, especially when clients tend to tense up and flinch during waxing.
  • Steel Magnolias- Many of the scenes within this movie explore the real-life situations of clients, just like any regular salon does a similar thing. Located in Louisiana, it’s full of tragedies, and personal stories and the prime setting of those situations are all told within the salon setting.