Should You Let Your Child Choose What to Wear?

One of the biggest challenges in houses with kids is all about choices. As children grow up, they like freedom and the feeling of independence. They want to do what they feel is best for them, and one of those battles is mostly about clothes. If you have a young princess or prince about three years of age, I bet you correctly understand what this is all about. The big question however is, should you let your kid choose what s/he should wear?

The truth is, while you may always have an opinion on what is decent or what is inappropriate for the child to wear, letting him/her choose what to put on is an excellent way of promoting development and responsibility. Most parents wonder when they should leave the kids to wear whatever they wish and when to draw boundaries. If you are in a dilemma, here are a few tips to make your work easier.

Give choices

It only gets worse when you let the kid into the wardrobe and let him/her choose whatever s/he wishes to put on. Offering restrictions and choices for the child to choose from will make it easier and ensures that s/he will only wear what you have approved. At the age of 3 to, most children can be rebellious and want to act like dictators. They like to have control over everything, and sometimes it will do them good if you let them be. Give them a variety of options to choose from. Before dressing him up, ask the kid which pants or shirts he would love to wear. Letting him choose is great progress because he will feel that the decision is his.

Have a plan

It is always best to utilize a routine chart to act on your behalf. This way, the child will not feel like you are too bossy, and like you are restricting them the freedom they need. You can draw a chart showing what the kid should do right from getting out of bed to when s/he gets back to bed at night. At the end of the routine, include the clothes that s/he should wear for the day. Automatically, the child will wake up, brush teeth, take a shower and put on the clothes as shown on the chart and at the end, s/he will feel like the choice was his/hers. Also, its important to get things which will make them feel comfortable, for instance australian made furniture and decor.

Let the child choose his taste

Just because you hate a particular style does not mean that your child will hate it too. You may be a sucker for leather, but then, that is what the kid wants. When shopping for toddler clothes for boys, for example, it is wise that you let the child accompany you and let him pick some favorite items. It is a great step towards making him a responsible man.

While you may not give your child full freedom to do whatever he wants and choose what clothes to wear, letting him decide on the simple things will make a huge difference. It is all about practicing when he is still young, and things will get easier when he is all grown up.