Reasons Making Prescription Sunglasses Compulsory For Your Eye Health

Sunglasses are a statement of fashion! Though it serves well as an accessory, it comes with plenty of benefits. Additionally, when you are prescribed to wear Rx sunglasses, it protects your eye from innumerable things that you can hardly imagine. Here take a look at why prescription sunglasses from FreshForPandas have now become a must accessory to maintain your eye health.

Shield your eyes from blue light

The light which is emitted from devices is generally referred to as the blue light. This light hurts your eyes, degenerating muscles and healthy tissues. Wearing powered shades block blue light from reaching your eyes, minimising the risk of developing these issues.

Prevent various eye health problems

Protective eyeglasses can reduce the effects of muscle degeneration and even slow its progression. You can also safeguard your eyes from photokeratitis, pterygium and pinguecula. These are all caused because of too much sun exposure.

Reduce the chance of cataracts

Many need to work outdoors, under the sun daily. Or, some simply love to stay outdoors and enjoy sports. Whatever the reason is, you increase the risk of getting cataracts. If you can reduce the time you spent in the sun, you have a lesser chance of developing cataracts. Rx sunglasses from FreshForPandas prevent Ultraviolet A and B from reaching your eyes; thus, maintaining your eye health.

Stop ageing

Excessive sun exposure leads to untimely developed wrinkles and fine lines. When you wear a prescription lens, you not only safeguard your eyes but also maintain a youthful look.

A good alternative to regular glasses and contact lenses

You do not have to carry a pair of glasses and contact lenses when you are roaming in the sun. Rx sunglasses keep your all hassles at bay that you face whilst wearing contacts and preventing your eyes from getting all the dirt. Moreover, your regular glasses do not protect your eyes from blue light and ultraviolet rays.

Serve as a great backup

Someday you may forget to carry an extra pair of the lens or forget to get your glasses to the office. These shades are the best backup option when you face such a crisis. Furthermore, these glasses come in handy during vacations and important events.

Prevent headache

Prolonged exposure in bright daylight can cause severe headache and migraine. Powered sunglasses are one of the best ways to prevent these headaches from occurring frequently. Apart from obstructing the UV rays, it reduces the sensitivity to light. Opt for darker shades glasses for this purpose.

Prescribed shades come with innumerable advantages. This protective eyewear not only helps in retaining strong eyesight but also keep your fashion on the top-notch. Whether it is summer or winter, sunglasses always come in handy and when these are prescribed by doctors, it serves more purposes than you know of. Though eye health is the key concern, these shades from FreshForPandas do not dampen your style-quotient. Before ordering one, make sure that you get one eye-exam. With so many benefits, Rx sunglasses are worth your investment!