Perfect Curly Hair Washing Options for You

Washing your hair can seem harmless. However, the right gestures can preserve their radiance and prevent them from drying out. This is a short guide to properly for washing curly hair.

The first Step

To properly wash curly hair, you must first put yourself in a good position. By placing the head down, all parts of the scalp and hair benefit from equivalent treatment. The first thing to do is to wet the hair with lukewarm or cool water, passing your fingers from the root to the tip for maximum impregnation.

Shampoo Choice

Shampoo and conditioner do not apply to hair dripping with water. It is therefore essential to wring the hair well beforehand for optimal effectiveness of the products used. It is not a question of twisting the hair and pulling it at the risk of making it brittle and split ends. The lengths will be gently pressed with both hands until no more water is released.

Apply It

The third step is to apply the shampoo well, taking care to do it on the scalp, from the top of the skull to the temples and the nape of the neck, and not on the hair itself. It is recommended to insist on the parts that sweat the most by exerting small pressures and gentle circular massages.

The choice of product is also very important. Choose your shampoo according to the nature of your hair: normal, dry or oily. You can also opt for a special shampoo for curly hair which will prevent the curls from falling apart and drying out.

When rinsing, it is essential to separate the wicks from each other so that they do not become tangled when they dry . To properly rid the hair of the shampoo, rinse thoroughly with clear water throughout the hair, making sure that no residue of product sticks to the hair. In fact, the residues weigh them down and damage them. Once the rinsing is finished, the hair will be wrung out well as before. They should not stay wet for too long, as water will make them drier rather than hydrate, which can make them brittle and brittle.

By respecting all these washing steps, curly hair will retain its shine and curls. The latter will be more aerial and fine hair will gain in volume.

Curly hair has a fine and irregular hydrolipidic envelope which forms the natural protection of the fiber. Classic shampoos are essentially composed of washing agents which eliminate too much sebum on curly hair and leave the hair dry and rigid.

Why? The elliptical shape of the curls prevents sebum from migrating from roots to ends. This is why curly hair is mostly drier than straight hair.

Formulated without sulfates and silicone, Cleansing Conditioner combines the action of a gentle cleanser with powerful care agents.

Here’s how to apply a Cleansing Conditioner:

  • Take 4-6 pumps of Cleansing Conditioner depending on the length of your hair.
  • Apply the Cleansing Conditioner to wet hair directly on your scalp in circular massages to remove impurities.
  • It is quite normal that it does not foam, because as the name suggests it is literally a “washing conditioner”.