Office Streetwear? How to Build a Commute-Friendly Work Wardrobe

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Commuting daily to work is the norm for a lot of people. They wake up slightly earlier than most people, get breakfast on-the-go, and squeeze themselves into trains or run after buses or cabs just to get to work.

For such a lifestyle, it is important to pay attention to your daily outfit. Clothing pieces should be appropriate for work but also comfortable to wear considering the amount of physical exertion required going to and from work.

So, what are the best clothing pieces for your commute-friendly wardrobe? Listed below are some of the smart options and ideas on how you can get great fashion mileage out of them.

1. A black shirt

This is a top that offers a variety of styling opportunities. Whether it is a basic, plain black T-shirt or one with a few interesting details, you can be sure that it can figure easily into any fashionable ensemble you have in mind, especially if the shirt flatteringly fits your frame

You can pair it with all styles of trousers. This shirt also goes well with all styles of skirts and can even be worn under a loose-fitting spaghetti strap dress, which is quite on-trend these days.

You simply cannot go wrong with this versatile shirt because apart from the many styling options you have with it, it is also in a color that does not get dirty easily. When you commute, one of the common risks is getting stains on your clothes. If your shirt is black, you can be sure that stains you may accidentally get along the way will not be so visible.

2. A denim or chambray shirt

This type of top is the epitome of a utilitarian clothing piece. It is perfect for smart casual attire for work, whether you are a man or a woman. In recent years, women have had a lot of fun with denim and chambray shirts because they are so easy to dress up or down. They can be worn with pencil skirts for a professional yet sultry office look, or tweed pants for a lovely mix of casual and classy.

Men, on the other hand, have no problem wearing a denim or chambray shirt with dress, corduroy, and denim pants. Additionally, they can wear the shirt as a layering piece.

It is worth noting as well that because of the rugged appearance of denim or chambray shirts, they can get a bit dirty and still manage to look just right.

3. A midi pleated skirt

This is a must-have item for a commute-friendly wardrobe because it is a comfortable and modest piece of clothing. It allows for easy movement — running around is easy with this skirt and it provides enough leg coverage. Plus, you can wear it with different kinds of footwear without diminishing its feminine appeal.

4. A pantsuit

This is the perfect ensemble for a professional look. It is modest and always work-appropriate for those in corporate settings. But, the special advantage with a pantsuit is that the pieces can be worn separately. The pants can go with basic and structured tops. Meanwhile, the blazer is perfect with skirts, dresses, other pants, and even shorts.

5. A relaxed fit, black jersey dress

This is a multitasking piece because of its sophisticated simplicity. You can easily move around in it. It does not get dirty easily. Best of all, it is the perfect “base” for a variety of outfit ideas. You can wear it over leggings and even jeans (especially now that ‘90s fashion is all the rage again), wear a blazer over it or a denim jacket, pair it with flats, heels, and even sneakers.

If you are commuting to work in this outfit, you do not have to worry about being restricted by it in any way.

Clearly, the key to building a commute-friendly wardrobe is to focus on comfort, convenience, and versatility.

You want clothes that can keep up with the “physicality” of commuting yet still look polished and stylish at the office. All the five pieces listed here easily meet both requirements and, therefore, should be in your wardrobe if you commute to work every day.

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