New Year, New Watch for Her

Regardless of who we are, we all have a special woman in our lives – a partner, a mother, a sister, a grandmother. What better way to wish her a happy new year than a memorable, thoughtful gift? And what better gift to give than a unique luxury timepiece?

A Rolex, a Breitling, or a Cartier can be a tasteful show of affection and, in time, become a cherished possession. Given the perfect model, the woman you love will remember your support and devotion each time she will glance at the new watch with fondness.

Of course, not all of us can afford new luxury watches, but this is no reason to miss out on the perfect gift for a loved one. In fact, if the timepiece of your choice stretches over your budget, you might want to consider buying the same model, pre-owned.

A flawless luxury timepiece

Your first concern about gifting a pre-owned designer watch might be that the piece is damaged or visibly worn. For many a reason, you certainly don’t want to give the special woman in your life anything short of the perfect gift.

However, once you start browsing for pre-owned luxury watches, you’ll notice that many of them are tagged as “brand new.” In other words, they show no signs of being worn and, because they were initially sold by notorious, quality manufacturers, they will continue to function flawlessly for generations to come.

Even if you can’t afford to buy a luxury watch brand new, you can still give that special someone an impeccable timepiece. All you have to do is find the right model from the right vendor.

Finding just the right reference

As you browse for the perfect gift, consider that you probably know this woman better than anyone else. Let your intimate knowledge of her likes, dislikes, and passions guide your search and you’ll soon come up with just the right reference for the ideal luxury watch.

To get started, you can sift through the catalogues of several authorized retailers. If none of the models currently available seem right, you could also consider a more unique, vintage watch. Such timepieces are no longer manufactured and can therefore only be acquired from previous owners. Yes, the search will likely be more difficult, but at the same time, the more difficult a watch is to find, the rarer it is.

Buying an authentic watch

You know well that your gift will be spoiled if the watch you buy is not actually an authentic luxury timepiece. If you’re not an expert authenticator, which, of course, most of us are not, then it might be best to collaborate only with authorized dealers.

Such vendors have already authenticated each watch they sell and, furthermore, are prepared to offer a one-year warrantee for your purchase. For instance, when you collaborate with Watches Of Wales for stock luxury pre owned watches, you can rest assured that what you get is exactly what you pay for.

Differently put, all you need to worry about is finding the perfect watch and setting up the perfect occasion for this memorable gift for her.