Mystic Power of Trident in Jewelry

We have all seen what a trident looks like. It’s a three-pronged spear and is considered to be a religious symbol. A trident is said to represent the power of Lord Shiva but it may have other meanings too. To be more precise, the meaning of the trident may change depending on the religion it is used.

There are many men and women who wear the trident symbol in their jewelry. You will mostly see people from following Hinduism wearing the trident. According to them, it represents the power of Lord Shiva.

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Power of Trident Jewelry

People wear trident jewelry for their protection. Since ages, it has been treated as a talisman for a superpower. People either wear it around their neck or as a bracelet. You will see both men and women wearing trident pieces of jewelry. However, the style of the trident may differ.

Wearing the trident symbol can take away all your fears. It can make you feel protected and may help your getting wealth and abundance you deserve. Trident jewelry is not originally meant for fashion. They have been worn by people for special reasons, but it also looks stunning in a jewelry.

Club Equilibrium

Club Equilibrium is an American brand that specializes in stone beaded bracelets for both men and women. But the special thing about the brand is that all their products carry the trident talisman. You will find the same symbol not just in their products but also on their packaging.

The brand has been using this symbol since the time of its inception. They believe that the three prongs of the trident represent three trinities including time, power and human well-being.

You can get stone bead jewelry with the trident symbol from this brand. All their products are handcrafted with care in their art studio and the bracelts look truly timeless.

Club Equilibrium is perhaps the only well-known jewelry brand that had the trident as their symbol. If you are looking for such jewelry pieces then you know which site to visit.