Make a statement with what you wear

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Far from the somewhat uncomfortable uniformity of generic everyday clothes, nostalgic t-shirts bring pep and animation into clothing. Their original patterns, the diversity of choices they offer enables you to customize your outfit completely. But precisely, in the huge range of graphic t-shirts, how to choose the personalized leisure t-shirt that fully meets your expectations?

An Impactful Design

Several criteria come into play, the theme of the visual, its aesthetic character, the kind of humor you like and the opportunities to wear it. And all this must match your personality or that of the person to whom you will be offering the t-shirt as a gift! This is true for unique t-shirts in particular. Each of these models highlights a part of your personality, your tastes, and your hobbies. When you wear one of these funny t-shirts, you reveal what you are, and you attract at maximum the attention of the individuals you meet.

This is why the choice of the visual must be given special care depending on the message you aim to pass! From the t-shirt that focuses on the text as on the models of the series Message to the one where only a drawing is printed as for the model Pirate of love, our range outlines all the nuances of the relationship between text and attractive drawing. What theme do you want to highlight on your fun t-shirt? Music, computer, manga, parody, sexy, political, self-mockery? All the subjects of the present life are approached!

Choose the Theme of the T-shirt

A multitude of choices!

Choose your category based exactly on what you like, what makes you laugh, what annoys you or the occasion for which you will wear your t-shirt or for an original gift t-shirt idea! For a skin party, for example, the Sexy t-shirt series is a must! But you can consider less provocative humor! If you wear your t-shirt as a banner that defends your opinions, opt for political models! The visuals are there to bring smiles but also to show your preferences and your strain of humor. Choose your t-shirt accordingly!

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And the Color?

The choice of colors is undoubtedly a matter of personal taste, but it should be nuanced! The perfect style of a good t-shirt comes from the successful balance between a visual, a situation and a color.

For Man

Black and khaki are often favored because they harmonize with everything and suit all circumstances. However, be certain that the pattern comes out well on the textile and that the colors do not clash. Red, royal blue and white are also to be considered according to the chosen themes and your tastes.

For Women

The colors can be softer, light blues, tender roses etc. With the color compass, we offer you the opportunity to play up the contrast between the hue of the fabric and that of the pattern. An incredible amount of combinations are at your disposal to have a t-shirt that fits you precisely!