Lia Kees: An International Beauty Queen With A Unique Approach To Fashion & Beauty

Every once in a while a beauty queen appears across the horizon and wins everyone’s hearts. Lia Kees is one such name. She is not just another Instagram beauty with tens of thousands of followers. She is the 2016 Miss Europe and an international model who has already gained global acclaim. She has been featured on the cover of several top magazines worldwide. She is poised to become the next big name in the world of beauty.

Beauty with Brains

Lia moved to Prague with her family in 2009 and began fashion modeling since she was 14. She stands out not just for her looks, but has a degree in business and economics under her belt. She has continued to pursue her academic goals while also being Miss Europe and pursuing her career as a model.

Currently, she owns ModelsWeekend, a platform that helps youngsters to make a career in the industry. Thus, she has set herself apart from the crowd by being an international beauty queen and someone who is helping new talent to find the right platform.

Professional Modeling Career

Lia is also a professional model who travels the world and works with major global brands. It is only surprising that she finds the time from her busy schedule to help guide new entrants in the industry. And she has achieved all this when she has completed 24 years.

Lia’s unique style comprises of a combination of high-voltage glamour and beauty featuring multiple black and white elements and a touch of vivid red. She has been the brand ambassador of several fashion and beauty products including fitness products brand BodySlimWraps Hollywood. Interestingly, she is also the leading brand ambassador of the globally famous Champagne Moet Lounge.

Lia’s Next Mission

The international model is currently preparing for the next Miss Monaco International Beauty Pageant to be held in September this year. She is in the best shape of her life and is expected to add another international beauty pageant to her name.

The famous Alex Journal cover page girl represents the current generation of the finest fashion models on the planet. She is already a successful and independent woman at 24, after having garnered all the success. The Next top Model has big dreams and desires to give European fashion models the place that they deserve on the international platform.

Lia’s Unique Approach to Beauty & Fashion

Lia also stands out for her unique approach to fashion modeling, which is perhaps one of the biggest contributing reasons to her success. Her approach to beauty focuses on combining elements like strong personality, a healthy body, and hard work – concepts which you don’t hear about a lot everyday in the fashion industry.

The international model’s approach to fashion and beauty has evolved into that of philanthropy. This is another unique characteristic that makes Kees different as a globally famous model. Her Instagram page features designer bouquets, fashion accessories, magazine shoots, gym selfies, glamorous snapshots, and much more to inspire her fans.