Leather Tote will ramp up your Style Statement:

Modern fashion is multidimensional. It’s not just clothes which make you deliver a strong statement about your style. All the accessories a modern woman carries reflect upon her sense of fashion. The most visible accessory a woman can carry which also happens to have the highest utility is a bag. Bags have evolved over time. From a small purse carried by ladies in the early 20th Century to tote bags in the present day, a woman’s bag has seen the change of times and has been with her in moments of sadness and happiness. Leather Tote makes such bags which will stay by a woman’s side for a long time carrying all her daily necessities and at the same time, make a statement towards her elegance.

The Leather:

There are broadly five different kinds of leather:

  • Full Grain Leather.
  • Top Grain Leather or Corrected Leather.
  • Nubuck Leather.
  • Suede Leather.
  • Faux or Synthetic Leather.

Only full grain leather and corrected leather is used for making tote bags. Full grain leather is the top layer of leather which is treated by aniline dyes in order to strengthen the leather’s natural surface while adding the colour. Aniline is preferred since it doesn’t mask the features and marks in the leather. Top Grain Leather usually comes from the toughest and most durable part of the hide. Every piece of top grain leather is unique: the texture is pure and highlights the markings of cuts, bruises, stretch marks on the animal’s skin. Every tote thus tells its own story. This type of leather is also best for long term use since it develops a patina over time increasing the bag’s beauty.

Corrected leather on the other hand is sanded lightly to remove the marks and imperfections. Majority of the tote bags are made of this type of leather since it gives them a clean, polished and elegant look. Corrected leather is not as durable as full grain leather but is thinner, more pliable and less expensive.

At Leather Tote, professional designers are employed who come up with innovative designs. These designs are in tune with the contemporary fashion trends and a few are even trendsetters. If you want a tote bag that is reliable both as an instrument to carry your personal things in and at the same time, add to your beauty and charm, you must invest in one of these leather tote bags. Since all the leather used is top quality and come from cattle which have been closely monitored during the rearing process, a tote bag of this brand will definitely last you a very long time. The investment is cost effective if you take the long term usage into consideration.

If you are considering a bag for both utilitarian and fashion needs, then look no further. Your style statement will escalate with a tote bag from Leather Tote and at the same time, you will have a durable product for everyday.