Journey Of Street Art From Walls To Your T-Shirts

The idea of street art with graffiti has become a trending topic these days. The combination of both these topics is absolute love. Just like Picassos and wall painting which had its own personal sphere of bringing out one’s talent and ideas in a colorful manner, street arts are an object of beauty which brings out a story. People consider it as a legitimate artwork which has complete freedom and right to portray its idea. Street Art too has great influence on t-shirt designs. You can click OtherLinks to find more about this.

The Evolution Of Graffiti And Street Art:

The term graffiti is derived from an Italian word, ‘Graffio’ which means scratching. If we carefully get deep into the background history of street artworks, you will find that the first etching which appeared was done by scratching.

Rome is considered as the best example because street art gained its popularity from there. The ancient Rome was etched with graffiti which was related either to personal opinions or to satire and mockery.

With time and changing preferences of people, Graffiti slowly started spreading all over the world. These scribbled pictures evolved and took up the shape of impactful images for society. More and more artists started coming up with this art and tried portraying their ideas and painting skills.

The art spread like wildfire especially among the youth because they found it interesting and strong. However, with so many artists around, the damage on the public and private property seemed to increase at a random pace.

Reason For The Sudden Shift:

So, to curb this, the government did put up strict laws and regulations over these graffiti makers. Being the young generation, they did not want to get their art to lose itself. So, they started shifting to various fields of work like maintaining galleries, going ahead with graphic designing and even apparel designing.

It can be said that from streets, the artwork took up its place on our t-shirts, hoodies and other accessories used by us on a regular basis. Various fashion brands accepted these versatile designs and launched a fashion statement flavoured with street art. Check OtherLinks and find the best hoodie streetwear samples.

Invasion In The World Of Clothes:

Many world class famous brands started taking up these casual and funky designs for their products. A variety of streetwear which we wear today includes the taste of graffiti and artwork. These t-shirts and hoodies are very much in trend and look cool and fashionable. Streetwear is greatly demanded in today’s world. It is because these patterns bring in a ‘wow’ factor by giving a bold look to the person wearing it. Several luxury brands have incorporated these designs and artwork in their products to make it more popular and catchy.