Journey of Leggings – From Active Wear To The Most Prefered Bottom Wear For Women

When leggings first made its appearance in the fashion stores across the country, for majority of the Indian women, it came across as an alternative for churidaars. Churidaars is a very stylish bottom wear popularized by the erstwhile Bollywood divas Sadhna and Bobita in the 70s. Evidently it made its way into the common women’s wardrobe. However, it usage was limited. Churidars were skin fitting garments that were usually made out of cotton or silk materials. It was essentially tailor made. And a lot depended upon the way it was stitched. An ill fitted churidar would often end up being a fashion debacle.

From Active Wear To Regular Wear

Leggings were originally designed to be active wears. The stretchable, soft materiel, the comfy feel made it a stylish pick for yoga and gym. It gathered momentum as gradually fitness started to take a centre stage in the lives of the upwardly moving millennial citizens of the present times. The newly independent, financially empowered Indian women hit the gym to look good and feel great. Leggings added style and comfort to their exercise regime. Gradually, this style was picked up by other apparel manufacturers and designers who created a mass appeal for it.

Leggings have turned into a money spinner for the apparel manufacturers and traders. It is available in diverse quality and style. And it is a market that will never get saturated. It is a demand of every woman – be it a skinny teenager or a plus size middle aged woman. The best quality leggings suppliers are always in high demands. The best quality leggings manufacturers have their machines running 24/7 to meet the humongous demands.

Acceptability in Indian Household and The Journey Thereafter

When leggings were first introduced they were comfortable, stretchable and gathered right at the ankle just like the churidar. And India is a country where any apparel gets ready approval when it shows some semblance with any traditional wear. The same happened with leggings. These newly found comfortable alternative for churidars were accepted whole heartedly by one and all. Soon they became a regular wear.

Women were seen wearing them in the board rooms to family gatherings, parties and pubs. And now it comes in various length as well as styles to cater to the specific fashion need. This is that one attire that can fit the western as well as Indian wardrobe with equal aplomb. Pair it with your anarkali kurtas to get the traditional Indian look or style it with a short skirt to switch over to the western look. Pair it with a tee and a jacket or a shirt dress with boots, a pair of leggings will always bring out the style diva in you.

Influence of Western Pop Culture

If you thought legging is an Indian creation, you are majorly mistaken. Leggings have been a part of western clothing since ages. Remember stockings that were worn under the skirts. They were precisely the predecessors of leggings. The evidences can be seen in the music videos of the 80s where pairing of short skirts with printed leggings used to be a norm for performing artists.

The reason behind leggings to have emerged as a major fashion category can be attributed to a mix of influence of pop art and music, fitness as well as fashion designers who have very tactfully picked it from these functional roles to make it relevant as a regular wear for women all across the world. At present legging is a rage all across the world.

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